Ryan Reynolds has a remedy for annoying song of daughter – Wel.nl

The famous / infamous nursery rhyme Baby Shark is the most viewed video on YouTube with over 8.4 billion views. Ryan Reynolds’ 1-year-old daughter has also often seen the cheerfully annoying song about the little shark and his family. Too often it turns out, because father Ryan can no longer take it. However, the actor […]

Why so many babies die of Covid-19 in Brazil – Wel.nl

More than 362,000 people have now died of the corona virus in Brazil. This makes it the worst hit country in the world after the US. Yesterday, 3,459 people died in one day from Covid-19. These are not only the elderly. A total of 1,300 babies have also died, writes BBC News. Many children who […]

“Are you also going to pause the vaccination with other means?” – Wel.nl

There is a ‘hyper focus’ on the vaccines and their side effects, experts warn. We would rather focus on the full ICs and how we can prevent them from overflowing. Professor of immunology Marjolein van Egmond explains at the NOS: “A vaccine can sometimes cause the same kind of reaction as the disease itself. For […]

Why you should not choose your partner yourself – Wel.nl

American sociologist Elizabeth Bruch examined data from a dating site to map out how people choose a partner. Her conclusion: algorithms are ultimately better able to find a suitable partner than we ourselves. The condition is that sufficient variables have been included. But if that is the case, the chances of finding a suitable partner […]

“This is so shortsighted that it becomes dangerous” – Wel.nl

The Dutch government, like the German government, has stopped the AstraZeneca vaccine for people under the age of 60, due to side effects of thrombosis. “This is shocking,” says Frits Rosendaal, professor of clinical epidemiology and thrombosis specialist, in the Volkskrant. He explains how small the risk of thrombosis after vaccination is. “Let’s start from […]

How long do you need to be in the sun for enough vitamin D? – Wel.nl

In the dark winter months you run much more risk of a vitamin D deficiency. After all, you need the sun to produce it. But how much sun exactly? Vitamin D is required to absorb calcium from food. It is therefore important for strong bones and teeth, writes the Nutrition Center. The vitamin also helps […]

‘Mutations threaten to make vaccines ineffective’ – Wel.nl

There is a danger that current vaccines against covid-19 will lose their effectiveness within a year due to the emergence of new variants of the coronavirus. That is the result of a survey of 76 epidemiologists from 28 countries. Of the scientists surveyed, from institutions such as Imperial College in London, Cambridge University and Johns […]