Like a hard blow to Krisdayanti, Azriel Hermanyah shows off photos …

IG @azriel_hermansyah Like a Hard Blow to Krisdayanti, Azriel Hermanyah Show off a Happy Photo Celebrate a Birthday with Anang and Ashanty to Write a Full Story of Love: A Good Family Is Built with Love .. Report by Grid.ID reporter, Fidiah Nuzul Aini Grid.ID – Recently, the relationship between Krisdayanti and Aurel Hermansyah and […]

This is a row of Azriel Hermansyah’s Luxury Gifts at the 20th Anniversary

Jakarta, Insertlive – Azriel Hermansyah just celebrated her 20th birthday on Saturday (6/27) yesterday. The celebration was celebrated by Azriel with his family and closest people. Through the YouTube channel The Hermansyah A6Azriel presented a series of luxurious gifts he received including those from the Halilintar gene family, Tariq Halilintar and Atta Halilintar. “Weeeeee, amazing,” […]

Showcasing Birthday Moments, Azriel Hermansyah’s Writing Highlights

Azriel Hermansyah with family. Photo: Instagram, JAKARTA – Putra Anang Hermansyah and Krisdayanti, Azriel Hermansyah turned 20 on Saturday (6/27). He celebrated his birthday by holding a simple party with family and closest friends. In the photo uploaded on Instagram, Azriel looks compact wearing a black shirt with Anang, Ashanty, Aurel, Arsyi and Arsya. […]

Atta Halilintar Gives a Gift to Candidates for Sister-in-Law

Monday, June 29, 2020 – 09:01 WIB Azriel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar. Photo: Instagram, JAKARTA – YouTuber Atta Halilintar gave a special gift for his future sister-in-law, Azriel Hermansyah, who had just turned 20th. He is known to be making love and plans to marry Azriel’s sister Aurel Hermansyah “I’m really good with Azriel. […]

Photos of Azriel’s Birthday to Krisdayanti Not Saying Birthday to Azriel

Jakarta, Insertlive – 1. Krisdayanti Is Not Attended, Here Are 6 Photos of Azriel’s 20th Birthday Six photos of the excitement of Azriel Hermansyah’s 20th birthday party. Unfortunately the special celebration was not attended by his biological mother, Krisdayanti. Read more: here. 2. Show off Kissing Ashanty & Write about Loyalty, Azriel Hermansyah’s Message HighlightedAshanty […]

Azriel’s 20th Birthday, Blow the Candle Then Hug Ashanty

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -Azriel Hermansyah today, Saturday, June 27, 2020, celebrates his 20th birthday. On the day of his increasing age, Azriel received a surprise from his family and loved ones last night. As seen from Instagram Story Azriel, Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty brought a birthday cake with chocolate sprinkles on it. Decorated with the words […]

Krisdayanti Does Not Say Happy Birthday to Azriel to Cellulite on Luna Maya’s Thighs

Jakarta, Insertlive – 1. Reactions of ex-wife of Engku Emran to Ririn Dwi Aryanti Reportedly Divorced Laudya Cynthia Bella’s household with Engku Emran is still in the spotlight. Netizens also highlighted the reaction of ex-wife Engku Emran. Ririn Dwi Aryanti also experienced the unpleasant issue of household rift. Read the full news here! 2. Krisdayanti […]