Around 60,000 additional jobs by 2040

Assembly of a Porsche engine The construction of electric vehicles is less labor-intensive than that of combustion engines. (Photo: dpa) Berlin If the desired mobility turnaround becomes a reality, around 60,000 additional jobs could be created by 2040. The employment effects are distributed very differently from region to region. The biggest winners include Berlin, the […]

This is how it works with car rental

car temptation Parts without hurry: Before you rent out your own car privately, both parties should clarify how they can avoid possible pitfalls. Photo: Christin Klose / dpa-tmn (Photo: dpa) After an accident, however, the vehicle’s third-party liability insurance usually pays for damage caused by third parties. “If you have fully comprehensive insurance, it regulates […]

In this way, you can earn money with your e-car on the side

E-Charging Station From next year, e-mobilists can secure a premium. (Photo: obs) Düsseldorf Anyone who buys an electric car not only benefits from a purchase bonus: From January 2022, one can even earn money with electric cars every year. Because private individuals and fleet operators save CO2 with electric cars. You can have these saved […]

US traffic safety agency investigates fatal Tesla accident in New York

Tesla The NHTSA has launched 33 investigations into Tesla accidents since 2016. (Photo: Reuters) Washington The US traffic safety agency NHTSA has opened investigations into a fatal accident in New York involving a Tesla vehicle that may be using an automated driving assistance system. As a spokeswoman for the NHTSA said on Friday (local time), […]

This is how Tesla wants to improve its AI

San Francisco, Düsseldorf If you weren’t an expert, you needed a translator when Tesla boss Elon Musk started to cheer a few days ago about the new version of his autonomous driving program. The “FSD Beta 9.2” has an “int8 quantization” and a new “VRU model” with “12 percent improvement”, enthused Musk. What the Tesla […]

Small electric car at a low competitive price

Düsseldorf Compared to industry giants like Volkswagen or Tesla, ACM is tiny. Just ten employees are working on a new electric car in Munich. CEO Paul Leibold and his team have invested eight years of development in a small electric car that has some things that the competition lacks. It is not only light and […]

How to apply for a temporary license plate

Valid for five days: short-term and transfer license plates Not for eternity: A short-term license plate is only valid for five days. Photo: Markus Scholz / dpa-tmn (Photo: dpa) If the car has already been deregistered, traders such as car manufacturers, workshops and dealers can use a red license plate, a “red number” or “workshop […]

Robotaxi company Cruise secures billion dollar loan from General Motors

Cruise Cruise presented its prototype called Origin in early 2020. (Photo: dpa) San Francisco The robot car company Cruise receives a billion-euro loan from its parent company General Motors and builds the first test vehicles for its driverless taxis. With the GM credit line of five billion dollars (4.1 billion euros), Cruise’s “war chest” has […]

Bundestag passes a law to set up fast charging stations

Electric car at a charging station Around 1000 fast charging stations are to be built on motorways. (Photo: dpa) Berlin Electric car drivers should be able to rely on a comprehensive network of fast charging stations even on long journeys. The Bundestag passed a law on Friday night, according to which around two billion euros […]

Nio, Aiways, Xiaopeng – China’s e-car manufacturers are conquering Europe

Elektro-SUV Aiways U5 State-of-the-art technology, but poor security values. (Foto: Aiways) Shanghai, Munich When Samuel Fu speaks of Europe, he raves about it. “The European market is booming compared to China,” says the co-founder of the Chinese automaker Aiways. The public charging infrastructure is better and growth is faster. While the subsidy policy is being scaled […]