Traffic during Corona: Munich is the capital of traffic jams – Auto & Mobil

The beginning of the corona pandemic a year ago also had a dramatic impact on the volume of traffic in Germany. The everyday traffic jams to or from work? There wasn’t any more. Instead, in larger cities, lanes have been converted into pop-up bike lanes to create more space for cyclists. At the same time, […]

E-car by subscription: you should consider this – Auto & Mobil

The newspaper arrives in the mailbox every day by subscription. You can even have the organic farm’s vegetable box delivered to you as a weekly subscription, and digital subscriptions for music or film streaming services are becoming increasingly popular. The e-car is now also available as a subscription. This means that there is one more […]

Münster is ahead – Auto & Mobil

February 5, 2021, 6:51 p.m. ADAC-Studie:Münster is ahead According to a study by the ADAC, road users in Münster and Rostock are most satisfied with mobility in medium-sized cities. As the club announced, the two cities achieved the highest overall index values ​​in the study “Mobil in der Stadt”. Oldenburg and Freiburg follow. Krefeld and […]

Bike in New York: The Wild West of Cycling – Auto & Mobil

New York is known as the city of superlatives. New York’s image as a new bicycle city was also largely shaped by a superstar: Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is known for exploring Manhattan preferably on two wheels. Do you believe that? relevant gossip press, the bike tours are the ultimate relationship test that every new companion […]

New York Taxi – The new Yellow Cab from Nissan – Auto & Mobil

The tourist in shorts and t-shirt makes no secret of his rejection: thumbs down, shaking his head, turning away. New Yorkers also encounter the boxy minibus in a taxi outfit with mixed feelings. The new mayor Bill de Blasio rejects it because Nissan does not produce the good piece on site, but in faraway Mexico […]

Insurance for bicycles: cover letters and their pitfalls – Auto & Mobil

Of course, Volker Schmelter hadn’t read the fine print. “Who is reading this?” He trusted that Auto Club Europa (ACE) would come and get him if his bike broke down. Finally, his Comfort membership (annual subscription: 88.70 euros) also included a bicycle protection letter. A few months ago Schmelter, who doesn’t want to be quoted […]