Towards the new normal in Miami

In South Florida, authorities are considering reopening beaches and public parks, toward a “new normal” scenario. With more than 23,300 infected with COVID-19, in that state, hospital occupancy is 42%. JOSE: The return to open public spaces is a scenario contemplated in South Florida. The authorities consider a “new reality” to be the reopening of […]

I tell the Corriere – Few masks, few tampons Italy unprepared for the pandemic

Dear Aldo, the doctors, nurses and health workers sent to fight the coronavirus without adequate protection have reminded me of our Alpine troops and soldiers who in 1941-43 were sent to the hell of freezing Russia to fight with cardboard shoes and good uniforms for all seasons. With the difference that while the Italian army […]

Existing medicines, the shortest route to a cure for coronavirus

With the toll of deaths from the coronavirus exceeding 20,000 this week, accelerated efforts to develop treatments for COVID-19 are primarily focused on adapting existing medications to combat the disease. “The shortest path to treatment, we believe, is to reuse something that already exists based on our knowledge of its mechanisms of action,” said Dr. […]

His goal, his future, his teammates: Strootman confides – Interview

Your goal is good, you snatch this match in the last minutes … Kevin Strootman: “Yes, we worked well and played like a real team. I don’t know if we deserved this victory because Rennes played very well, but it was important to win here, against a direct competitor.” Can you explain your goal? K.S.: […]

False network of rapists at UCLouvain: the author of the confessions explains

For seven days, this story kept the students in suspense. – Thehen he posted the first episodes of his thriller, Louis Escouflaire, a linguistics student and author of a first novel (At a glance, Editions Memory) did not expect to cause such a stir. On December 31, he posted the following message: “This is how […]