Sotheby’s and Phillips New York: playground for the young rich

New York Nine carefully composed evening auctions ranging from impressionists to digital art brought in superlative results for the three largest auctioneers in two weeks. Significant origins and trends were presented. 298 lots sold raised a staggering $ 2.3 billion. The equally successful daily auctions with affordable goods added another 240 million dollars. Dozens of […]

Auction houses, 474 properties for sale: how to bid

Invimit Sgr, a company wholly owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, offers for sale to individuals and investors approximately 474 properties including homes, shops and offices, of which 21 are land-based assets, for a value of over 155 million euros which will go to the reduction of the Italian public debt. The 2021 […]

The market is in good shape again

New York Finally, after a very difficult year: “The market is back in good shape”, announced Sotheby’s Star auctioneer Oliver Barker on Wednesday evening with understandable enthusiasm. He had just sold art for a total of 597 million dollars in an extremely dynamic and animated tour-de-force, again via live stream. Sotheby’s Claude Monet’s late landscape […]

Additional costs eat up the margins

London Unfortunately, it is too early to say what impact Brexit will have on the UK art market, ”writes Anthony Browne of the British Art Market Federation (BAMF) on request. “At the end of the year at the earliest, you can probably have a balanced position on this.” This statement is surprising, as the BAMF […]

Anti-money laundering rules seek to end the culture of secrecy in the art market | WORLD

Will the new anti-money laundering regulations end the culture of secrecy entrenched in the art market? The sector defends old habits of discretion that favor transactions. Wealthy collectors have always cherished confidentiality, which is also part of the mysterious universe of auction houses. When a Botticelli was awarded last month for $ 92 million in […]

Almost all art fairs want to exhibit in the fall

Edgar Degas “Three dancers in yellow tutus” In 2020 there was a crowd at the Hammer Galleries booth. (Photo: Tefaf) Wiesbaden Autumn should be hot. While the previously shifted without a fixed date “Art Düsseldorf” has decided to take place from June 17 to 20, the major international art fairs will come together in autumn. […]

The pandemic is becoming a question of existence

Actor David Duchovny in the Pedro Almodovar photo show Before the Marlborough Gallery closes in New York. (Foto: action press) New York At the end of June, the starting shot was finally given for the reopening of the gallery scene in New York. But not all dealers are in a hurry to invite visitors back to […]

The Armory Show is moving

New quarter The “Armory Show” moves to the converted Javits Center in New York. (Foto: Javits Center ) New York After almost twenty years on two ramshackle jetties in the Hudson River, the New Yorker Messe wants „Armory Show“ finally move. A few blocks further south, in the light-flooded congress center Javits Center, which opened in […]

Art market in New York: between distress sales and bargains

Rockefeller Center New York There is silence at Christie’s New York headquarters. (Foto: imago images/UPI Photo) New York As New York approaches the height of a health catastrophe, the art dealer remains Edward Tyler Nahem sober. “I can’t see any panic in the market at the moment, although it would probably be trendy,” the New York […]

The proceeds are in line with expectations

Alfa Romeo B.A.T. Concept Cars 5,7 und 9 The three Alfa Romeos from 1953 to 1955 owe their futuristic streamlined shape to the aircraft engineer Franco Scaglione. They made $ 15.5 million. (Foto: Ron Kimball © 2020 RM Sothebys) New York The chorus of outraged voices has grown steadily louder since the beginning of October. Occasion: […]