Biwako Hotel Confectionery typo | au Web Portal Domestic News

Keihan Hotels & Resorts (Kyoto City), which operates the Biwako Hotel (Otsu City), has added allergens stipulated in the Food Labeling Law to some of the take-out baked goods sold at the hotel restaurant “Bel Lago” on the 5th. There was a notation error in the above, and it was announced that it would be […]

Kei Nishikori doubles loses first match | au Web Portal Sports News

Kei Nishikori (Reuters) ◇ 2nd ◇ Rotterdam, the Netherlands ◇ Men’s Doubles Round 1 Japan’s ace, who won the first singles in 155 days on the previous dayKei Nishikori(31 = Nissin Foods) participated in the doubles on this day. This is the first time since the 2018 Halle tournament in Germany.Ben McLachlanHe challenged the 3rd […]

Naomi Watanabe Activity base in the US from April | au Web Portal Entertainment News

ComedianNaomi Watanabe(33) updated his Instagram on the 1st and announced that he will move his base of activities to the United States from April. Contracted with two US agent companies and continued management with Yoshimoto Kogyo. A Japanese regular TV show said, “I will graduate in the end of March.” Watanabe said, “This is a […]

Creepy Nuts R-1 theme song charge | au Web Portal Entertainment News

It was revealed on the 21st that the HIPHOP unit Creepy Nuts will be in charge of the theme song “Bareru!” For “U-NEXT PRESENTS R-1 Grand Prix 2021”, the biggest “one-man show in Japan”. The new song has also been decided to be released digitally on March 3rd. The theme song written for this tournament […]

Shun Yamaguchi Is the US ball world decisive? | Au Web Portal Sports News

 Blue JaysBecame a free contractShun YamaguchiIt was revealed on the 17th (18th Japan time) that the pitcher (33) will remain in the US ball world. According to a person in the U.S. baseball world, it seems that the transfer destination has already been narrowed down from among several major baseball teams that were found to […]

Shohei Otani Responding to the revival of dual wield | au Web Portal Sports News

Shohei Ohtani, Angels at the online press conference[Photo: Koji Bonkohara] For the first time in the camp, we responded to interviews and practiced actual battles during the off period “Bullpen entered earlier than usual, and hitting also came live BP”  AngelsofShohei OhtaniOn the 18th (19th Japan time), the pitcher pitched the first bullpen in the […]

Daiya Seto Advances to Triple Crown in Return Battle | au Web Portal Sports News

◆ Swimming ▽ Japan Open 3rd day (6th, Tokyo Aquatics Center) Representative of the Tokyo Olympics who has returned from suspension of activities due to an affair problemDaiya Seto(26) = TEAM DAIYA = topped the 200m individual medley qualifying in 1st place overall. My personal best is 1 minute 55 seconds 55 seconds.Kosuke Hagino(26) = […]

Kento Momota Keeps No. 1 in the World | au Web Portal Sports News

Kento Momota On the 2nd, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) announced the world ranking, which was not last updated on March 17, last year due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Singles men’sKento Momota(26 = NTT East) kept the 1st place. For singles girlsNozomi Okuhara(25 = Taiyo Holdings) remained in 4th place,Akane Yamaguchi(23 = […]

Sho Nakata Real intention for rematch with Tanaka | au Web Portal Sports News

Nippon-HamNakata ShoOn the 31st, infielder (31) expressed his feelings too straightforward to return his strongest right arm in front of the Nago camp in Okinawa.To RakutenMasahiro TanakaIn response to the return of the pitcher (32), “Is there a guy who says,’Yeah, I’m looking forward to a match?’? That’s the one who has never played. That’s […]