Commemoration of the 20th anniversary of 9/11: America in search of unity

Joe Biden defended the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan while Donald Trump denounced his “incompetence”. George W. Bush, for his part, underlined the country’s disunity, referring to the “forces of evil” at work. America commemorated September 11 this Saturday by paying tribute to the 3,000 people killed 20 years ago in the worst terrorist […]

In central London, naked men attacked passers-by

Photo: frame from video In London, two naked men attacked passers-by Two men, aged 32 and 26, carried out a series of attacks on passers-by. The violators have already been detained by the police. In central London, two naked men carried out a series of attacks on passers-by. This is reported by the edition Mirror. […]

United States. Trial of suspected mastermind of 9/11 attacks resumes

The alleged brain trial of September 11th, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and of four accused resumes Tuesday, September 7, but its outcome still seems far away, while theAmerica is preparing to meditate, twenty years after the attacks. Read also: MAINTENANCE. “We are still in the world of September 11” Exceptional military justice The five men, imprisoned […]

Lawyer Olivier Caprasse (Wépion) was in New York during the attacks, he says

Through Collected by Romain Goffinet | Published on 9/6/2021 12:05 PM Olivier Caprasse is a lawyer. He is a professor at the University of Liège and Brussels, specializing in international arbitration issues. Originally from the province of Luxembourg, of which his father was the Governor between 1996 and 2016, he now lives in Wépion. When […]

Six injured in New Zealand supermarket attack

Фото: New Zealand Herald / Alex Burton Three people hospitalized in critical condition New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called the attack on the customers of a supermarket in Auckland a terrorist attack. Six people were stabbed in a stabbing attack by a man in Auckland, New Zealand. This is reported by the newspaper New […]

A young thief attacked and beat adults in Asenovgrad, they caught him (photos)

The cameras filmed the thief. Photos: Facebook The police in Asenovgrad caught a thief who entered the home of elderly people and kicked and beat them. This was told by their son Denislav Mintsev. Cameras filmed the Apache attacking the apartment in the middle of the night. “Last night we were robbed after midnight by […]

Zakharova wonders that if the United States strikes, then they know where ISIS is

A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova asks about US awareness, do they know the location of the leaders and sites of the terrorist group “Islamic State” (Daesh), reports TASS. Zakharova commented on the words of the American president Joe Biden, who said he gave the order to prepare attacks against ISIS leaders […]

Kabul Airport will be drenched in blood

Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Afghanistan are planning a series of attacks on Kabul airport, CNN reported, citing Pentagon sources. US authorities fear that the terrorists want chaos at the airport, where the evacuation of foreign nationals and Afghans who cooperated with Western countries is taking place. According to CNN sources, US intelligence has information […]

In Kryukovshchina, a taxi driver was attacked with a knife – photo

In the village of Kryukovshchina, Buchansky district, Kiev region, at night, employees of the Security Department found a bloody taxi driver who was unconscious due to a knife wound in the neck and head. About it informs Telegram channel “Kiev Operative”. The victim was given first aid and handed over to the doctors “ambulance”, which […]

The attack of the SBU officers on the border guards: details appeared

Photo: Press Service of the President of Ukraine Details of the attack of the SBU officers on the border guards have appeared The security forces noted a promotion, three of them went drunk to “seek adventure”, the media write. SBU officers were drunk during the attack on border guards after they boasted a promotion. About […]