Recommended 3 Best 12 GB RAM HP June 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. (Samsung) – Several smartphone brands have produced smartphones with a capacity of Big RAM. And there are some HP RAM 12 GB which is an interesting choice in June 2021. Large RAM capacity makes smartphone work lighter and smoother. If a cellphone with 2-3GB of RAM is only enough […]

Officially Launching in Indonesia, This is the Price of a ROG Phone for Gaming …

loading… JAKARTA – After being officially released last July, ASUS afinally carrying ROG Phone 3 to Indonesia. This is smartphone gaming the brand’s mainstay Taiwan it’s from the ranks Republic of Gamers. (Also read: Raids in Hotels, Grandparents Caught Being Indehoy) ROG Phone 3 is smartphone gaming first on Indonesia which is powered by the […]

Asus ROG Phone 3 Available in 2 Variants, Here are the Prices

ASUS ROG Phone 3. Foto: The Verge, JAKARTA – Asus has officially released the latest ROG Phone 3 gaming phone with professional-class specifications for gamers. “With a myriad of improvements from the previous generation, ROG Phone 3 is certain to become the mainstay of hardcore mobile gamers in Indonesia,” said Asus Regional Director Southeast […]