Astronomical research reveals that asteroids are approaching Earth before the end of 2020

Dr. Gad El-Qady, President of the National Institute for Astronomical Research, confirmed that during the remaining period of this year, astronomers around the world will witness the observation of some asteroids approaching the Earth during the period (25-30 December 2020 AD), which are at great distances from planet Earth. As the closest of them will […]

9 astronomical phenomena at the end of 2020 … know them

Astronomical calculations made by the scientists of the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research revealed the most important astronomical events that the planet’s sky is witnessing for the month of December 2020. The seventh day monitors the phenomena of December through the following points: – December 13 The first of those phenomena is the […]

Astronomical research: a huge asteroid will be closest to Earth from April 29

Dr. Ashraf Tadros, former head of the astronomy department at the National Institute for Astronomical Research, said that there was a media sensation about a giant asteroid that could collide with the Earth at the end of April, and the truth is that this asteroid is known as (52768) 1998 OR2 – it is one […]

New astronomical phenomena in Egypt 2020 .. The first lunar eclipse January 10 will be semi-shadow .. It covers the earth’s shadow by 90% of the moon’s surface .. It takes 4 hours and 5 minutes in all its stages .. And watch the continents of Europe, Asia and Australia

Astronomers and those who are fond of astronomical phenomena, especially the eclipses and eclipses, will be on a date during 2020 with the number of eclipses and eclipses that astronomers and scholars anticipate, and the number reaches about 4 lunar eclipses and a solar eclipse. Initially, we can confirm that the solar eclipse and lunar […]