Astra Zeneca antibody cocktail cures covid in tests

Astra Zeneca and Oxford University Vaccine PHOTO: Reuters AstraZeneca’s anti-Covid-19 antibody cocktail, which has proven to be a preventative therapy for the uninfected, has been shown to be life-saving and prevent severe infection when used as a treatment for a week after the first symptoms, Reuters reported, quoted by BTA. The drug, which is a […]

One dose of AstraZeneca or Sputnik V reduces mortality by up to 80%

AstraZeneca PHOTO: Reuters Just one dose of AstraZeneca or Sputnik V vaccines reduces KOVID-19 mortality by between 70 and 80 percent for those over 60, according to data from Argentina’s vaccination program, quoted by Reuters. The survey, released today by the country’s health ministry, is based on about 450,000 people over the age of 60 […]

A report found out which vaccine killed more

Mortality after the use of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine in six European countries is significantly higher than after the AstraZeneca vaccine, a report shows. The Moscow office of vaccine manufacturer Sputnik confirmed the authenticity of the document. “AstraZeneca confirms that it is the author of the document. This information was not intended for public publication,” […]

39 model died after AstraZeneca from a “very rare” blood clot, her last words were …

A British model died from a “very rare” blood clot after being vaccinated against the new coronavirus infection with AstraZeneca. Shortly before her death, 39-year-old Stephanie Dubois said that after receiving the vaccine, she was hospitalized and her condition began to deteriorate. According to The Sun, Dubois was in Paphos, Cyprus, where she was hospitalized […]

Merkel was scared of AstraZeneca, canceled her vaccination

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has canceled her immunization with AstraZeneca, Bild writes. According to the newspaper, Merkel was scheduled to be vaccinated on April 11. The date of birth in the register is exactly the same as that of the Chancellor – July 17, 1954. According to the vaccination plan, Merkel had to be vaccinated […]

Study shows how dangerous AstraZeneca vaccine is

In Spain, the incidence of thrombosis after vaccination with AstraZeneca is 0.65 per 100,000 vaccinated, and when using birth control pills there are between 50 and 120 per 100,000 women per year. The data was presented by the journalist Jessica Martin after a detailed study of the side effects of vaccines and medicines, informs BNR. […]

What’s happening?! Greece has banned the use of the Astra Zeneca vaccine for young people

The Greek Vaccination Committee, which is responsible for developing and monitoring national coronavirus immunization efforts, has restricted the use of the Swedish-British company AstraZeneca to people over the age of 30, Kathimerini reported. The UK-developed vaccine, which has come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks due to several cases of thrombotic events, was initially limited […]