Nasa observed a huge asteroid on Wednesday, he is here already –

Nasa scientists are watching a giant asteroid – it’s coming in the next few days on us on 23.06.2020 at 08:35 PM Nasa observed an Asteroid that is whizzing on Wednesday at the earth. (Icon image) Photo: imago images / Science Photo Library Already in the middle of this week it should be far – […]

Probably life-friendly: Best candidate for Earth 2 discovered

Special data analysis made new exoplanets visible Kepler-160, on the other hand, is a star of the Sun class. It has about a 1.1 times radius, a surface temperature of 5,200 degrees Celsius (our sun is 5,500 degrees Celsius) and is almost as bright as the sun. The Kepler Space Telescope discovered it a few […]

Several asteroids fly close to Earth –

Several asteroids fly close to Earth past XL asteroid rushes past earth – and is not the only one The end of dinosaurs: how the asteroid impact changed the climate on Earth RND Asteroid 163348 on 06.06.2020 near Earth: 560-meter lump approaching TODAY! Asteroid traffic jam at the weekend Huge asteroid flooded […]

An Empire State-sized asteroid will pass close to Earth on Saturday

Other asteroid will fly at a distance close to planet Earth tomorrow, Saturday. It is a body that scientists say is “bigger than the Empire State Building,” which is nearly 1,500 feet tall. While the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) classified it as “potentially dangerous” because of its trajectory close to our planet, scientists […]

Why would NASA launch a spacecraft to hit an asteroid?

Every year a dozen asteroids they pass about almost five million miles away from the land and potentially could impact it. Consequently, the POT It prepares a plan to prevent this potential accident, which consists of the launch of a spacecraft, whose objective is to collide with one of the dangerous bolides to deflect it […]

NASA launches a “Global Alert” from two asteroids heading for Earth in May

In light of the list of the growing problems of mankind in 2020, NASA gave a global “alert” not only to one asteroid, but to two asteroids, which are likely to pose a threat to them toward Earth next month, according to Russia today. With news spreading around Asteroid approaching 1998 OR2 From Earth to […]

Discover the 19 new interstellar asteroids

The discovery of the first population of interstellar asteroids was not made on the basis of observations but with amazing numerical simulations requiring millions of orbit clones and tens of days of calculation. Fathi Namouni, astronomer and CNRS researcher at the Lagrange Laboratory of the Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur explains to us how, with […]

Discover at least 19 new interstellar asteroids!

Two scientists, the French Fathi Namouni, astronomer at the Observatory of the Côte d’Azur (France) and his sister Dr. Maria Helena Morais of theUniversidade Estadual Paulista (Brazil), announce having discovered, using a numerical simulation, the first population of asteroids “from elsewhere” which would have been captured by our Solar System, there are nearly 4.5 billion […]

Find out what the asteroid that will pass near Earth looks like on April 29

Upon discovery, the object had British cabbage, who had warned of his supposed dangerousness. On April 29, a asteroid baptized 1998 OR2 will pass approximately 6.3 kilometers from Earth. But no need to panic, NASA said last March that a collision with our planet is not to be expected. Scientists have, however, already succeeded in […]