Facts about a large asteroid that approached Earth January 18th

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Asteroid a giant with an estimated length of 1.05 kilometers will cross Earth on Tuesday, January 18 at around 21:51 UTC (16:51 EST) or January 19 at around 04:51 WIB. Here are the facts about a large asteroid that passed near the earth. The celestial body known as asteroid (7482) 1994 […]

Alerts! Giant Asteroid ‘Threatening’ Earth This Weekend

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A giant asteroid is rumored to be approaching Earth this weekend. Named 4660 Nereus, the asteroid measures 330 meters and is rumored to be larger than the Eiffel Tower in France. The asteroid will accelerate at a speed of 23,700 km / h on Saturday (11/12/2021). Live Science reports that this […]

NASA warns 2 asteroids will approach Earth in December

Jakarta – NASA warn there will be two asteroid that will approach Earth next month. But there is no need to worry because the two of them will pass a safe distance and will not harm the Earth. The first asteroid to pass will be 4660 Nereus. This asteroid was first discovered in 1982 and […]

Eiffel Tower Asteroids Move Towards Earth

When it is erected its height is higher than The Eiffel Tower and twice as tall as the Washington Monument. The space object will pass Earth on December 11 at a distance of about 3.9 million kilometers and at a speed of about 6,578 kilometers per second. For comparison, the distance between the earth and […]

What Happens If an Asteroid Hits Earth?

Harianjogja.com, JAKARTA – With NASA’s DART asteroid deflection mission about to launch, the question arises what would happen if the asteroid did hit Earth. Fortunately, NASA did not find an asteroid threat threatening Earth during its decades of searching. But just in case, they always have a backup plan (or several), as NASA program scientist […]

NASA’s Armageddon-like mission is coming soon in November

ILLUSTRATION. A NASA mission similar to the film Armageddon will launch in November. Source: TechCrunch | Editor: Arif Budianto KONTAN.CO.ID – Movie-like NASA missions Armageddon launching soon in November 2021. The mission titled DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) will save Earth from the threat of an approaching asteroid. Have you ever watched a movie Armageddon […]