Ranni Marthomma Bhadrasana Convention Eight From: Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Convention of Ranni Marthomma Bhadrasana from eight Wednesday January 4, 2023 10:31 PM IST Ranni: Marthomma Sabha Ranni-Nilakkal Bhadrasana Before Convention Will be held at Marthomma Convention Center till 15th. At eight past six, Dr. Teodosio Martomma will inaugurate the Metropolitan Convention. Thomas Mar Timothy Episkopa will preside. rev. Abraham P. Uman will speak. At […]

Inauguration of Nirmala Sadan Student Union : Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Inauguration of the Nirmala Sadan Student Union Wednesday 28 December 2022 00:15 IST Moovatupuzha: Nirmala Sadan Training College for Special Education Singer Juliet Varghese performed at the opening of the Nile Student Union. . Block Panchayat President Prof. Jose Augustine delivered the keynote speech. Dr. Sister Divya presided. Union President Albin Thomas, Nandana Reggie Ennivar […]

Cherupushpam school students celebrate Deepika.com Nattu Visesham Christmas sharing

Cherupushpam school students celebrate Christmas sharing Saturday, December 24, 2022 at 11:53 pm IST Vadakancherry: Cherupushpam English Medium UP School Christmas Wishes and Curry was very different.Christmas should be the joy of every sector of society. The front of the children was with Leah’s point of view. As part of this operation, seven quintals of […]

Soldier dies of heart attack in Jabalpur : Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Soldier dies of heart attack in Jabalpur Thursday, December 15, 2022 10:18 pm IST Payiyavur: Malayali soldier dies of heart attack at Rich workplace. Major KP Shaji (43) died due to work in Jabalpur. Culture later. Rt. Major Subedar KP Kunjikannan is the son of the Nambiar-Thangamani couple. Wife: Varsha Shaji. Children: Srilakshmi Shaji and […]

Satyagraha strike in front of collector tomorrow: Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Satyagraha strike tomorrow in front of collector Tuesday 13 December 2022 00:30 IST Palakkad: Mysterious Death of Two Girls by Valayar Attappallam Neeti Samara Samara should be transparent about investigation Valayar’s parents gathered in front of collector on the morning of Mithi 14. Na satyagraham will be held. Women’s cultural activist Dr.P. Geetha will be […]

Flash mob to make Saras more beautiful : Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Flash mobs to add charm to Saras Sunday, December 4, 2022 1:37 am IST Kottayam: Promotional Activities of Kutumbashree Desiya Saras Mela Flash mob was organized on 6th and 8th December in the framework of BVM College, Pala Alphonsa College, added on 6th December Eratupetta City, Kottaramtam Bus Stop Pala Municipality Arranging the flash mobs […]

Elders killed in katana attack : Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Elders killed in Katana attack Sunday November 20, 2022 10:26 PM IST Pantallur: Elders killed in wild attack in Devala Ka banana grove was killed. Swadeshi Papapathy (59) died in Vazhavayal. The accident happened last night. Papapathy was killed in a house attack. Two people in the house were injured. Gudalur Gov. He was hospitalized.

Action plan for prevention prepared: Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

A prevention action plan has been prepared Sunday 20 November 2022 00:38 IST Srinarayanapuram: Dengue fever is on the rise in Sreenarayanapuram Gram Panchayat district as instructed by Decal Officer Dengue fever prevention along with Patinjare Venpallur Family Health Center An action plan has been prepared. Chairman MS Mohan was the chairman. Jaya Sunilraj, Ayyub, […]

CIS Agriculture Festival : Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

CIS Agriculture Festival Saturday November 19, 2022 10:48 PM IST Melukavu: Buffer zone harms settled farmers and disturbs wildlife People’s representatives are more effective in these matters. CIS Bishop Dr. VS Frances. At the CIS East Kerala Agricultural Festival Mahaidavka Adeham gave the presidential speech. Karshikotsavam held at Kailand St. Luke CSI Church, Mani C. […]

Para Swimming Championship: Sports Stars Get Warm Welcome : Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Para Swimming Championship: Athletes receive a warm welcome Saturday 19 November 2022 00:57 IST Thrissur: Para Swi performed for separatists in Assam cave Medal winners Abdullah Sadiq, Jeeva Sivan, C Ni K. Sebastian, Muhammad Shefiq and those who entered the contest. Acceptance was also given to those who greeted. The event was held at Jasno […]