“Find people with high EQ”… Sayuri reveals her blue-eyed son

▲ Photo = Sa Yuri Instagram [아시아타임즈=박민규 기자] Sayuri Fujita, a broadcaster who chose’voluntary unmarried mother’, revealed her son and revealed the process of giving birth to a baby. Sayuri posted several photos on her social network service (SNS) on the 27th. In the released photos, the son is lying on his chest and lying […]

So-Won Ham on “Did you earn a lot of money?”

▲ Ham Sowon Instagram capture [아시아타임즈=이하나 기자] Ham So-won wisely responded to a netizen’s direct message (DM) and became a hot topic. On the 28th, Ham So-won released a DM capture picture with a netizen through his SNS (social network service). In the photo, a captured photo of the DM, which is believed to have […]

Craftsman announcer “I’m getting married”

▲ Jang Ye-in announcer [아시아타임즈=이하나 기자] Jang Ye-won Announcer Jang Ye-in, the younger brother of the former announcer Jang Ye-won, raises a hundred years. Jang Ye-in announced on the 15th through his SNS (social network service)I am getting married,” he said. Following “As it is a difficult time for everyone due to Corona 19 A […]

Go Eun-ah, actors’ top-notch exposure “I was tickled by a certain actress”

▲ YouTube channel Mirbang capture [아시아타임즈=윤진석 기자] Actor Go Eun-ah revealed the story of a certain actress. On the 8th, Eunah Go’s younger brother and group MBLAQ member Mir said,’You didn’t know this was this much? A video titled’Actors’ Ki Fight’ was posted. On this day, Mir asked Go Eun-ah about the actors’ status, and […]

Jimin withdraws from AOA

▲ AOA Jimin (left) Kwon Min-ah (Photo = Yonhap News) [아시아타임즈=이하나 기자] Jimin, who is in conflict with Minah Kwon, who left the group’AOA’, leaves’AOA’ and stops entertainment activities. On the 4th, the agency FNC Entertainment said, “We apologize for causing concern to many people due to what is happening with the current singer Jimin.” […]

NASA “A giant-sized asteroid approaches Earth on the 21st”

▲ [아시아타임즈=박고은 기자] It is predicted that asteroids of enormous size will approach Earth. On the 17th (local time), the Daily Daily Star quoted an announcement by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and reported that a giant asteroid is expected to approach Earth’s orbit around 9:35 pm EST on the 21st of the […]