Invite Azriel to Return to KD’s arms, Ashanty cries profusely, the child’s answer when given a choice back to Krisdayanti Unexpected: He’s Destroyed

Sosok.ID – Proximity Ashanty with Azriel Hermansyah it cannot be overlooked. Since marrying Anang, Ashanty really can’t take his eyes off Azriel Hermansyah. Even if it’s not flesh and blood, Ashanty treat Azriel Hermansyah like his own son. Azriel Hermansyah themselves assume the existence Ashanty is a helper in his life. Also Read: Anang’s Complaint […]

It turns out, Anang-Ashanty’s youngest son is positive for COVID-19

Jakarta – The news came from Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty’s son, Arsya Hermansyah. Apparently, Arsya Hermansyah had been exposed to the COVID-19 virus. The news was conveyed by Ashanty on his YouTube Channel. Ashanty did not tell the public that Arsya Hermansyah was exposed to this virus. Not haphazardly, Ashanty said the reason why he […]

Krisdayanti Can’t Be Treated Carelessly, Ashanty Needs Raul Lemos’s Permission First, Finally Banned Anang: He Has A Husband

Sosok.ID – With Krisdayanti, Ashanty He knows he can’t be careless. No matter how good it is with Krisdayanti, Ashanty must know the limit. What’s more, there are Raul Lemos, husband Krisdayanti which must come first Ashanty respect. Of course, Anang Hermansyah warned Ashanty behave with Krisdayanti. Also Read: Ashanty’s Anger Explodes, Aurel Gets Kneeled […]

Is there winter in Indonesia?

Sosok.ID – When going for treatment to Turkey, Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty leave Aurel Hermansyah alone in Jakarta. As is known, Anang Hermansyah had brought his family to Turkey to treat his wife’s illness, Ashanty. Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty as well as his entourage is known to have departed since the end of Ramadan. However, […]