The Army Health Service announces the vacancies .. and specifies the specializations required and the modalities of presentation

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Armed Forces Medical Services revealed the availability of more than 30 jobs for high school graduates and above, in (Jeddah, Tabuk, Al-Kharj and Sharurah). Vacancies include: 1- Patient care technician. 2- Pharmacist. 3- Radiologist. 4- Public health technician. 5- Nursing technician. 6- Director of Nursing. 7- Emergency deputy. Workplaces include: 1- King […]

A policeman shot and wounded by an inmate, in hospital

A gendarme was injured last night by a prisoner at the Helfaut hospital near Saint-Omer. The man, who came from Longuenesse prison under military escort after attempting suicide, managed to take possession of a policeman’s service weapon. The soldier was trying to control the prisoner, who was very agitated. The man grabbed a pistol and […]

Zelensky called a difficult leadership to the front

Photo: Office of the President The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky The Ukrainian armed forces continue their offensive in the east and south of our country, liberating new territories. President Zelensky spoke about the situation at the front and said that the most difficult thing was in Bakhmut’s direction. On Saturday, October 8, he stated […]

The Medical Services of the Armed Forces announce the availability of vacancies .. and reveal the specialties required and how to apply.

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Armed Forces Medical Services have announced the availability of vacancies in a number of specialties, to work in different cities of the Kingdom, according to the following details: Job title: 1 – Domestic Services Assistant – Executive Administration for Operations and Logistics. 2 – Operations Development Specialist (Quality). 3 – Materials Controller […]

Sedition threatens Khaldeh and a message from gunmen … Is there tension coming?

At any moment, on the night between Wednesday and Thursday, the Khaldeh area almost witnessed a new armed battle following a security incident that shook its sides, without knowing the parties behind it. Without any warning, in the evening hours, a car carrying armed men arrived towards one of the neighborhoods inhabited by Arab Khaldeh’s […]

In Georgia, a gunman took hostages in a branch of the largest bank

At around 11:00 local time (10:00 Moscow time) in the western Georgian city of Kutaisi (the second largest city in the country), an unknown criminal wearing a mask and military camouflage, armed with a gun, broke into at the venue The branch of the country’s largest bank, the Bank of Georgia (BoG), took 30 visitors […]

Flag of Ukraine elevated in the Lopan Cossack – City Council

Photograph: Dergachev City Council The Ukrainian flag was set up in the Lopan Cossack – – The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to liberate the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia. The flag of Ukraine was put in in the village of Cossack Lopan. Talking of which in shape Dergachev Town Council. The former mayor of […]