List of the Fastest Smartphones in AnTuTu version as of June 2021, here are the winners – Platform benchmark AnTuTu just released a class smartphone list flagship and mid-range fastest during June 2021. Processor Snapdragon 888 become the ruler in the class cell phone list flagship. Quotes Gizmochina, Thursday (15/7/2021), first position on smartphone flagship occupied by Nubia Red Magic 6 with a score of 842,168. The phone, which is […]

Here! List of the Fastest Mobile Phones in May 2021 version of AnTuTu, Do You Have Yours?

Benchmark application maker AnTuTu re-released the list of the fastest Android phones. This time AnTuTu reveal two lists Fastest HP each of which contains the ten fastest phones from the top class (flagship) and the middle class (mid-range). In this list of the fastest flagship cellphones, all cellphones use the Snapdragon 888 chipset with benchmark […]

AnTuTu releases a list of the fastest smartphones in May 2021, what are they?

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. AnTuTu, the maker of the popular benchmark app, has just released a list of the fastest Android phones in its database of test results every month. For this May 2021, testing was carried out using AnTuTu V9 which has an updated test set from AnTuTu V8. Therefore, the true AnTuTu V9 and […]

AnTuTu’s Allegations of Cheating Benchmark Results Make Realme Open Voice – The AnTuTu team accuses Realme of modifying the reference JPG image used by the benchmark platform to reduce processing time and achieve higher scores. Due to this action AnTuTu decided to block the Realme GT score for three months. Responding to this, Chase Xu as CMO of Realme Global, through his official statement […]

Realme said about accusations of cheating AnTuTu’s benchmark results

Jakarta – AnTuTu eject Realme GT for three months off its list of top phones for allegedly rigging benchmark results. Realme himself denied the allegations. In the evidence received detikINET Thursday (18/3/2021), Realme Global CMO Chase Xu said the test results were accurate and Realme was always committed to providing a true experience to users. […]

Allegedly Benchmarking Score Manipulation, Realme GT was blocked by AnTuTu

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Realme GT has been removed from the AnTuTu benchmarking platform for allegedly using score boosting for benchmark values. The Beijing-based software company claims that the new flagship phone manipulates its performance results in the multithreaded workload portion and the JPG decoding portion of the AnTuTu application. Read:Realme GT Cellphone Exhibited at MWC […]

Realme GT Accused of Mark Up Score at AnTuTu, Jakarta – Realme has officially announced the presence of its newest smartphone, namely Realme GT. Before being launched, Realme’s CMO, Xu Qi, showed off a screenshot of the AnTuTu score of the new cellphone. Based on the screenshot, Realme GT (RMX2202) is able to score up to 770,221 points in the benchmarking application. This […]

Realme GT Kicked from AnTuTu for Cheating Benchmark Results

Jakarta – Cellphone vendors are competing to produce flagship phones with fierce performance that can top the list of benchmarks such as AnTuTu. There are even some who have been caught cheating to get the highest benchmark results, such as Realme GT recently. Before Realme GT was announced, Realme VP Xu Qi Chase uploaded a […]

Realme denies cheating the Realme GT performance test results at AnTuTu – Realme has denied cheating in performance tests on the benchmark platform Antutu for his newest cellphone Realme GT. The Chinese brand claims all data shown in the test is accurate. “Realme GT is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 888 5G platform, bringing high performance to users. The benchmark score of Realme GT is […]