Change discussion brings Greens boss Robert Habeck on the palm

For Anne Will, the analysis of the state elections in Saxony-Anhalt resulted in a heated discussion about different sensitivities in East and West. Green leader Robert Habeck and AfD spokesman Tino Chrupalla clashed particularly hard. The first assessments were made in a well-tempered tone. Hesse’s Prime Minister Volker Bouffier was happy about a “very nice […]

Opening up for vaccinated people brings “explosives into society”

“Change of vaccination sequence, return to basic rights – who is allowed to do what again when?” Anne Will discussed this with her guests. Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht showed a clear stance on openings. “Why don’t fully vaccinated and recovered people get all civil liberties back immediately?”, The hostess asked Christine Lambrecht at the opening. […]

Dax & dates in the daily stock market report

Düsseldorf Of the Dax According to experts, it should also prove its standing qualities in the shortened trading week before Easter. Failures in the current Corona vaccination campaign in this country have not discouraged investors, on the contrary: Bargain hunters have recently appeared again and again, who courageously took hold of stocks after price setbacks. […]

Anne Will today: guests and topic

“Anne Will” runs again today on March 21st, 21st on ARD. The topic is the vaccination debacle and the increasing number of infections. Information on guests and the topic can be found here. Also on this Sunday there is ARD to see a new episode “Anne Will”. In the broadcast on March 21, 2021, the […]

Olaf Scholz sees “majority without the Union”

In the case of “Anne Will”, the chancellor candidate of the “happy” SPD was extremely self-confident, a green candidate was thoughtful and combative and a CDU man was contrite. The “super election year” began with state elections in two federal states. At the end of the election night, Anne Will’s studio was home to the […]

Anne Will today: guests and topic

“Anne Will” will be on the ARD again today on 02/14/21. The talker discusses the government’s pandemic policy. Information on guests and the topic is available here. Also on this Sunday there is ARD to see a new episode “Anne Will”. The presenter is devoting herself to the question: “Lockdown instead of a perspective plan […]

Anne Will on the corona crisis: ghost games in the Bundesliga

BFor Anne Will on Sunday evening, the topic that currently dominates all media was: The viral disease Covid-19. The guests were Karl-Josef Laumann, Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs in North Rhine-Westphalia, the science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar and Marcel Fratzscher, the President of the German Institute for Economic Research. Medical assessments were provided by […]