KPK Promises To Be Indiscriminate To Examine Anies in the DKI Land Case

Jakarta – Corruption Eradication Commission (NCP) mentioned the need to summon several parties related to the land corruption case in Munjul, Cipayung District, East Jakarta DKI Jakarta. Including, a statement from the Governor Anies Baswedan. The chairman of the KPK, Firli Bahuri, spoke about the decision. Anies is said to understand the preparation of the […]

Mr. Anies, Equity Life is an Essential Sector, Why the Raid?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Equity Life Indonesia had to be closed by Governor Anies Baswedan because it was allegedly violating the Emergency PPKM Policy. The inspection that resulted in the closing of the Equity Life Indonesia office was uploaded to his official IG account @aniesbaswedan on Tuesday (6/7) morning. Not only Equity Life Indonesia, […]

Anies Baswedan’s anger explodes when he visits the office

Jakarta – Governor of DKI Jakarta’s anger Anies Baswedan broke during a surprise inspection (sidak) to the office. The non-essential office that Anies visited apparently was still working from the office or work from office. To note, Jakarta is implementing an emergency PPKM which regulates work from home or WFH aka work from home for […]

Jokowi’s Instructions to Anies to Create Herd Immunity in DKI

Jakarta – There are special instructions from President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan regarding the handling and control of COVID-19. Jokowi wants Anies to create herd immunity in DKI in August. This was conveyed by Jokowi during a review of the COVID-19 vaccination at the Tanah Tinggi Flats, Monday […]

Alvin Wijaya Resigns from TGUPP, These Are the Facts

Jakarta – Name Alvin Wijaya | was revealed as a member of TGUPP Governor Anies Baswedan who resigned. Alvin is known to be a member of the TGUPP in the strategic response sector. Alvin Wijaya’s resignation was first mentioned in a meeting forum between the DKI Provincial Government and Commission A of the DKI DPRD. […]

Mourning, Anies and Family Supernatural Prayer for Tengku Zulkarnain

Jakarta – Teacher Tengku Zulkarnain died in COVID-19 treatment. DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan deeply mourned the passing of Tengku Zulkarnain. “Grief is very deep. Allah called him home very quickly,” said Anies Baswedan in his official Twitter upload, Tuesday (11/5/2021). Anies Baswedan invited his family to pray magic for Tengku Zulkarnain. Anies prayed Tengku […]

Survey Called Anies Baswedan Preferred to Be President, PDI-P: “Undecided Voters” Are Still Big Page all

JAKARTA, – Secretary General of the PDI Perjuangan Hasto Kristiyanto said, undecided voters or the number of people who have not made a choice regarding preferences presidential candidate sizeable future based on results survey Indonesian Political Indicators. “Undecidedit’s still quite big. Same with undecided of young people against the preferences of political parties, “said […]