Lorak flashed her curves in a crop top and leggings

Yulia Filatova The singer in everyday life tries to choose a comfortable sporty style, but does not forget about the beauty of the figure. Ani Lorak. Photo: instagram.com/anilorak/ Singer Ani Lorak, nee Karolina Kuek, at 42, boasts luxurious forms, which she does with pleasure, regularly showing herself in different outfits on the microblog. The performer’s […]

Lorak in a snow-white suit and high heels appeared on the street

Ani Lorak does not hide the fact that for her the family always comes first. She recently hosted two parties for her daughter Sophia. In honor of the decade of the girl, the artist first rolled feast at home, and then threw a party in nature. A five-story cake was baked for the birthday girl, […]

Lorak emphasized the figure with a tight mini-jumpsuit

Yulia Filatova The singer often chooses outfits from shiny and iridescent fabrics and decor for the stage. Ani Lorak. Photo: Global look press The famous singer of Ukrainian origin Ani Lorak, whose real name is Carolina Kuek, works very hard, but finds time to communicate with the public on the Web. The girl is actively […]

Lorak in trendy jeans and a leopard top flashed her breasts

Julia Todorovich The singer gave a concert in Barvikha. She chose a feminine look for this occasion. Ani Lorak. Photo: instagram.com/anilorak/ Ani Lorak does not hide that she is used to working a lot. However, during the pandemic, she was able to rest in Greece with her daughter Sofia and Philip Kirkorov. As you know, […]

how much money did Philip Kirkorov lose in 2020

Ilya Bogomolov The singer’s two companies suffered significant losses. Philip Kirkorov faced losses. Photo: Global Look Press The pandemic hit hard the financial position of Russian stars. And although domestic celebrities continue to post happy photos on social networks and show off their outfits, their affairs are far from being “covered in chocolate.” For example, […]

Lorak in a swimsuit sexually lay down on the sand

Yulia Filatova The singer is resting with her daughter in the Maldives. Ani Lorak. Photo: Global look press 42-year-old singer Ani Lorak, whose real name is Carolina Kuek, arranged a spring break for herself in the Maldives. Together with her 9-year-old daughter Sofia from Turkish businessman Murat Nalchadzhioglu, she has been enjoying a heavenly vacation […]

Lorak was photographed with a grown-up daughter from Nalchadzhioglu. A photo

Yulia Filatova The only heiress of the singer Sophia is 9 years old. Ani Lorak. Photo: instagram.com/anilorak/ 42-year-old singer Ani Lorak, whose real name is Carolina Kuek, is not only a successful and sought-after performer, but also a caring mother. Due to her busy work schedule, the star does not often spend time with her […]

Lorak was published in a scarlet overalls. Video

Yulia Filatova The outfit of the star is decorated with pockets and metal buttons. Ani Lorak. Photo: instagram.com/anilorak/ Singer Ani Lorak always looks spectacular – whether it is a stage image or an everyday one, the pop diva knows how to emphasize the dignity of her figure with the help of clothes and not go […]

Ani Lorak flashed seductive breasts

Larisa Grechikhina The singer shared a picture on her Instagram. Ani Lorak. Photo: instagram.com/anilorak Valentine’s Day Ani Lorak I decided to share with my fans on Instagram a photo in which I was captured in a very revealing outfit. The singer posed in a spectacular “gold” dress that emphasized all the charms of her figure. […]