Gold Retakes Test – Analysis

Gold price conducted a re-test to support the previously broken triangular flag and maintain its stability below it, to keep negative pressure in place for the upcoming period, supported by the negativity of Stochastic and the SMA 50, waiting to head towards 1800.00 as a first negative target. On the other hand, we should note […]

Midday update for gold 12-29-2020

Gold price shows some bullish tendency in an attempt to move away from the support of the ascending channel, which supports the continuation of the expected bullish trend scenario for today, stimulated by the positivity of the stochastic indicator, awaiting a visit to 1905.00 as a next major station, reminding you that the continuation of […]

Midday update for gold 12-17-2020

Gold price succeeded in touching our first awaited target at 1875.00 and is making attempts to breach it, reinforcing expectations for the continuation of the bullish trend in the intraday and short term, noting that the confirmation of the breach will extend the bullish wave to reach 1917.00 then 1928.60 levels as next major stations, […]

Gold starts out on the positive – analysis

Gold price was unable to breach the level of 1820.00, to start today with a noticeable positivity and surpass the level of 1833.00, to head towards achieving expected gains during the upcoming sessions, on its way to initially test the 1850.00 level, noting that surpassing this level will extend the bullish wave to reach 1875.00 […]

Gold gets a positive close – analysis

Gold price was not able to settle below 1901.80 for long, to breach this level and settle above it again, which provides indications on the price direction to achieve expected gains during the upcoming sessions, on its way to visit 1934.86 again. Therefore, a bullish bias will be likely for today, supported by moving above […]

Midday update for gold 20-08-2020

Gold price faces new negative pressure to attack 1934.86, which requires attention from upcoming trades, as breaking this level will force the price to achieve an additional decline targeting areas of 1901.80 initially, while the price needs to consolidate above 1934.86 to resume the main bullish trend, whose main targets start at 1967.90 and extend […]