Windows 11 on AMD Ryzen Processors Causes Some Application Slowdown

REDMOND, – Windows 11 already available to users, but Ryzen computer users seem to have to hold back first. There are a number of issues with Windows 11 on Ryzen processors that cause apps to run slower. In a post published on the website AMD, the company warns Ryzen owners who install and upgrade […]

Windows 11 makes a computer with AMD Ryzen slow, this is the reason

Microsoft officially launches its newest operating system Windows 11 which offers a fresh look and new features. Ironically, the processor-based computer users AMD Ryzen will feel the computer performance is slow or reduced after installing Windows 11. In the support page on the official website, AMD already know the problem and reveal the two factors […]

Windows 11 Makes Some PCs with AMD Processors Experience Performance Problems

Windows 11 features a sleek new design with pastel colors, rounded corners, a new startup sound, and an overall more Mac-like appearance. In Windows 11 you will find many new desktop features, such as widgets that can give you information at a glance, and creation desktop easier virtual. Quoted by CNet, at the Microsoft Build […]

Windows 11 is said to lower Ryzen performance – fix on the way

Chipptillverkaren AMD announces now that if Windows 11 runs on the company’s hardware, it can slow down the performance of some applications, reports Zdnet. This all applies to AMD processors such as the Epyc and Ryzen series. “Expected performance impact is 3-5 percent for affected applications, 10-15 percent for some individual applications, mainly games used […]

When do we normally buy PS5 and Xbox Series in stores?

The situation changes from month to month. Some experts have warned that the lack of important chips, which affects the video game and automotive industries, will manifest itself as early as 2023. He comes up with another estimate šéfka AMD, a company that makes processors and graphics chips for both new generations of consoles from […]

Impressive performance in Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake processors

Soon it will be time for Intel to launch its new processors in the Alder Lake series, but already now a number of measurement results have been published online. According to a measurement given by Tom’s Hardware The Core i9-12900K 16-core processor offers up to 38.6 percent higher performance than AMD’s equivalent of the Ryzen […]

6 Laptops Confirmed To Get Windows 11 Update That Will Be Available On October 5th

SUBANG NEWS – Microsoft in its official blog site has stated that the operating system Windows 11 will be officially available on October 5, 2021. Windows 11 offers a new and fresh interface to the users without compromising the user experience. Windows 11 also said to have improved in terms of performance and bring experience […]

AMD Wants to Build a GPU for Crypto Mining – AMD seems to be following in NVIDIA’s footsteps to release a dedicated graphics card for miners cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency). This appears based on a photo uploaded by the Twitter account I_Leak_VN. This photo shows a graphics card bearing the XFX logo, the manufacturer that makes AMD graphics cards. Quoted from Techspot, Sunday (29/8/2021), this […]

Intel Ready to Release Homemade GPU to Compete with Nvidia and AMD

On the other hand, Intel also recently announced a new line of laptops in Indonesia that already use the Intel Tiger Lake-H processor. At least, there are five global brands that are certain to use this processor, namely Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, and MSI. “To meet the needs of users while playing game nor streaming, […]

AMD achieves 22.5% market share for x86 processors

Brand represents AMD’s second best and largest since 2007 If there’s anyone who should be happier that I paint in the trash this month, that someone is Lisa Su. And of course, the rest of the employees at AMD also. THE Mercury Research, a company that conducts market research on hardware, announced this week that […]