Mummies with golden tongues discovered in Egypt

Photo: Mummies with golden tongues discovered in Egypt Also archaeologists have found green amulets and 402 Ushebti funeral figurines made of faience. Spanish archaeologists have discovered two adjacent Saiski tombs in the Egyptian governorate of Minya. Writes about it Egypt Independent. Experts claim that this dynasty existed in 685-525 BC. The secretary general of […]

Knowing the Side Effects of Betel Leaf Decoction, It’s Important to Know – Currently, not a few Indonesian people still use natural ingredients for treatment. One of the natural ingredients that are often used is betel leaf. As a medicinal plant, betel has many benefits for curing various diseases because of its flavonoid content as an antibacterial. In addition to containing flavonoids, betel also contains other […]

How to Make a Bar Chart, Easy to Do – In research world, diagrams are important for presenting information to the general public. In this case the diagram offers to conceptualize the material visually to make it more clear and interesting. Using diagrams we can often explain statistical data and other important information, such as how a particular system functions, quickly and with […]

Explosions thundered at a rocket fuel plant in Serbia

Photo: Twitter / Milenkovic The explosions sounded at about two o’clock in the afternoon As a result of the explosions at the plant near Belgrade, there are people killed and wounded. Parked cars also caught fire. In Serbia, several violent explosions took place at a rocket fuel plant. According to preliminary data, two people were […]

Belgium returns and strengthens the mask mode

Photo: Razer Belgium obliges adolescents and adults to wear masks indoors Also, the country’s enterprises were instructed to transfer their employees to a remote mode of operation from November 20 to December 13. The Belgian authorities have decided to tighten coronavirus restrictions due to the increase in the number of infected citizens. In particular, since […]

An earthquake hits Turkey and a meteorite falls

Photo: Earthquake shook Turkey The tremors damaged several buildings, no one was injured. Also, people drew attention to the fall from the sky of an unknown bright object. The central part of Turkey was shaken by an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.1 on the Richter scale. About it informs Yeni Safak on Tuesday […]

6 Benefits of Yoga at Night, Help Relieve Stress before Sleeping

yoga illustration. – When people think about yoga, most of them will probably think of challenging poses that get your heart pumping with a touch of sunlight. Yoga in the morning is good for your body. This exercise will get your blood pumping and relieve body stiffness from lying down all night. However, […]

Covid-19 cases are rampant, Garut is overshadowed by tuberculosis and dengue fever – Covid-19 cases in Garut Regency are currently known to be sloping. As of Monday (1/11) afternoon, out of 24,730 cases, 23,456 people were declared cured, 1,171 died, 11 people self-isolated, and 2 people were treated and isolated in hospital. However, after the Covid-19 case in Garut Regency has escalated, the Secretary of the […]