Big plans for the little house

EIn “Motorwechsel”, the aim is to ensure that operations in the Small House of the Darmstadt State Theater run smoothly again by the end of 2023 at the latest. So that from now on it will no longer jerk in performances: for example when the revolving stage is hanging or the skylight can no longer […]

Russian disinformation: “The federal government is doing practically nothing to this day”

Germany Russian disinformation “The federal government is doing practically nothing to this day” Stand: 17.04.2021| Reading time: 3 minutes There is Russian disinformation in many EU countries – but none as often as in Germany Source: Getty Images; Montage: Infographic WORLD The US has imposed sanctions on the disinformation site “SouthFront”. The site also actively […]

State of Hesse names cities for the Tübingen model

Tpracticing is everywhere – or at least almost. A number of Hessian cities would like to emulate the model from the southwest of the republic. Test first, then shop is the motto. At around 1 p.m., Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) and Health Minister Kai Klose (The Greens) will announce their selection. Laubach in Oberhessen […]

Debt counseling in Bremen is to be expanded – news from Bremen

Debt counseling in Bremen is to be expanded in the future (Christian Charisins / dpa) Debt advice in Bremen is to be strengthened against the background of the pandemic. A draft for the Senate is currently being prepared in the house of Social Senator Anja Stahmann (Greens). Specifically, it is about expanding the range of […]

For the time being, no more free FFP2 masks for the unemployed – news from Bremen

FFP2 masks are easy to buy for any average earner. The situation is different with those where literally every penny has to be turned over. (Daniel Karmann) Another initiative by the federal or state government to distribute FFP2 masks free of charge or at a reduced price to risk groups and recipients of unemployment benefits […]

Bremen is looking for space for the music and cultural scene – news from Bremen

Bremen should look for space for festivals like the Horn to be Wild. (Horn to be wild Pressefotos) The music and cultural scene should and must be helped in the corona pandemic. The parliamentary groups in the Bremen state parliament agreed on this on Wednesday. Therefore, a large majority approved a motion by the red-green-red […]

Influencers celebrate themselves – and that’s how their world is often dismissed

What do they actually do all day? If you can believe the Instagram profile “InfluencersintheWild” (3.9 million followers, for comparison: Kim Kardashian has 210 million), then they make mostly nonsense: One lolls on all fours in the spray on a beach another tries a balancing act between the fenders of two sports cars, the third […]