Juve-Nantes, anger over the penalty not given by Allegri and Bonucci

The case in full recovery: Centonze’s hand touch from Nantes was not judged irregular, but after the video check the referee decided on Bremer’s offensive foul Anger recovered for Juventus: Massimiliano Allegri left his position on the bench to head to the locker room, only to return to the bench with a very tight smile […]

Transfer market, Naples offer for Raspadori. But Juve try the counterattack

Sassuolo proposed 25-30 million (plus bonuses). The striker of the national team agrees, but the Juventus club tries to come back to satisfy Allegri, who likes the striker as an alternative to Morata Napoli must hurry if they want to secure Giacomo Raspadori because Juve is lurking. After all, a footballer of the same level […]

Juve, who are the young people that Allegri has brought on tour in the USA

From the Under 23 to the first team for these three preseason matches in the United States: why Max chose them to integrate the staff and their perspectives Juve’s American tour will also be a good showcase for the young players called up by Allegri. If last summer the pre-season gave the opportunity to see […]

“Milan, Inter and Napoli weren’t superior, but …”

“De Ligt and Locatelli will be the leaders of the future, Dybala thought he was Messi” Ten days before the end of the championship, Max Allegri take stock of a season that for the Juve it was decidedly more black than white, despite the minimum goal being achieved early and only extra time denied the […]

Nedved has something for everyone

The vice president took it out in the locker room with the players, but also with Allegri. Then confrontation with Agnelli in front of Arrivabene and Cherubini After ten years of probably unrepeatable triumphs, the Juve he looks inside and discovers that something is wrong on several levels. Having said that a year without trophies […]

Vlahovic and Chiellini to beat Inter

Allegri studies the training moves to avoid ending ten years of triumphs empty-handed: Dybala the great doubt It was that 2010-2011 the last season he had seen the Juve going on vacation without having touched up the bulletin board and today, ten years later, the bianconeri are in danger of closing a triumphal epic. Empty […]

Juve-Venice, Allegri: “Stadium key, Champions goal. Watch out for Kean”

The Juventus coach on the eve of Venezia: “We have to find the victory at home. I was pleased with the president’s words on the future: we must return to winning as soon as possible, they have laid a good foundation” Minus four. They are not the points behind third place, which after the last […]

Cheerful between recoveries and turnover

The Champions place is now safe and now you can plan the approach to the final with Inter in order not to end the season empty-handed. In the worst case scenario, that is, with Fiorentna able to win all five remaining matches, including the recovery with Udinese, the Juve should make at least six points […]