Recognizing the Fermi paradox Questioning the existence of aliens Absolutely everyone – Fermi paradox refers to the dichotomy involving the large probability that extraterrestrial everyday living exists, but the fact that human beings have no evidence still. Numerous professionals are grappling with the exact concern. If extraterrestrial lifestyle exists, why never humans have the indicators nonetheless? Figure out the Fermi paradox Reported by Are living […]

Figure out the Fermi paradox by questioning the existence of aliens – Fermi paradox refers to the dichotomy concerning the significant chance that extraterrestrial lifetime exists, but the simple fact that humans have no evidence nonetheless. Quite a few industry experts are grappling with the same question. If extraterrestrial life exists, why don’t human beings have the indicators still? Acknowledge the Fermi paradox Documented by […]

Invisible Black Hole Hanging Out in Neighboring Galaxy, Threatening Earth?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A black hole the invisible, which is the result of the collapse of a star, is quietly hanging out in the neighboring galaxy. Potentially a threat to Earth? The challenge of finding black holes of this type is much greater because these celestial objects do not actively feed on matter such […]

Mysterious Signals Coming from Outer Space, Are Aliens?

Jakarta – Scientists discover mysterious radio signal from outer space with a pattern similar to that of a heartbeat. Did that signal come from alien? The mysterious signal, called a fast radio burst (FRB), was detected using the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) radio telescope in December 2019 from a source billions of light […]

10 Reasons Why Space Travel Is Important: Technology-Survival

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Exploration mission outer space like a race. United States, Russia, China, Europe are willing to spend big money to catch up with time to find planet others that can be used as human habitation. Is that so small? Since a long time, humans have been driven to explore the unknown, discover […]