The closing dinner will also be accompanied by quarrels and raising of votes Shows

On the evening of Thursday, November 26, TV3’s next series of entertaining cooking shows “Almost Ideal Dinner” ended, and on the evening of this week, the motley company visited the singer Ieva Sutugova. This week, a particularly colorful quartet visited each other – on the first evening Andris Rūmītis, co-owner of the restaurant “Hercogs”, set […]

Alda Gobzema and Māra Sleja’s “rubbing” dinner show expands Shows

This week, the TV3 cooking show “Almost Ideal Dinner” brought together a particularly colorful company – Saeima deputy Aldis Gobzems, singer Ieva Sutugova, businessman and co-owner of the restaurant “Hercogs” Andris Rūmītis and model and TV personality Māra Sleja are visiting each other. On the second night of the dinner show, the cooking and hospitality […]

On TV3 dinner show, the week begins with disagreements and quarrels Shows

On the evening of Monday, November 23, TV3 viewers had the opportunity to get acquainted with the participants of this week’s culinary show “Almost Ideal Dinner” – a particularly variegated company gathered together, and on the first evening disagreements arose between the guests. This week, model and TV personality Māra Sleja, Saeima deputy Aldis Gobzems, […]