Afsha scored the second goal for Al-Ahly against Zamalek in the 86th minute. Video

Mohamed Magdy Afsha scored the second goal for Al-Ahly with the Zamalek nets in the 86th minute of the match between them at the Cairo International Stadium, in the African Champions League final, to make the result the red team advanced two goals without a response. The official formation of Al-Ahly included: Muhammad Al-Shennawi, Muhammad […]

Al-Ahly before the Zamalek match: Our team bus is ready to start and arrive on time

Al-Ahly club players continued their training today, in preparation for the match against Zamalek, scheduled for 9 pm tomorrow, Saturday, at Cairo Stadium from the 21st round of the Premier League championship. Al-Ahly club commented, through its Twitter account: “Our team bus is ready to go towards Cairo Stadium and arrive on time.” Al-Ahly Twitter […]

After the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match was postponed, Medhat Al-Adl attacked the committee

07:32 PM Friday 13 March 2020 Books – Baha Hijazi: The screenplay attacked Medhat El-Adl, the five-member committee that manages Egyptian football. Al-Adl wrote through his account on Twitter, “The committee postpones the matches of Al-Ahly and Zamalek (after Al-Ahly’s request), even though the weather is good tomorrow, did you know how things are managed? […]