The flight attendant said, they are annoyed if they are not greeted back

Jakarta – while flying, air hostess meet various characters from the passengers. The average flight attendant is annoyed with the character of passengers who don’t want to say hello. Reported from Mirror, flight not always a pleasant experience. Starting from a narrow chair, sleeping next to a sick person and turbulence can make a traveler’s […]

Airplane flies 4 hours early, 29 passengers are stranded and angry

Singapore – 29 passengers Scoots airline stranded at Indian airport. Because of this, the plane took off 4 hours earlier than scheduled. They also went berserk. This incident occurred at Amritsar airport, India. Aircraft Scoot Airlines with flight number TR509, is scheduled to fly from Amritsar with the final destination to Changi airport in Singapore […]

Power Bank Explodes, Plane Turns Around, 2 Passengers Injured

Taipei – Power bank on the plane caught fire on a Scoot flight to Singapore shortly before takeoff on Tuesday (10/1/2023). Two passengers were injured. “Scoot flight TR993, which flew from Taipei to Singapore on January 10, returned to the start of the runway after the passenger’s rechargeable power bank overheated while the aircraft was […]

Boy throws a tantrum at the airport, suitcases “fly”

Melbourne – As a new year begins, a boy kicks it in with an uncontrollable tantrum and causes a ruckus in an airport. Reported by and wife travel and arrive at the airport Melbourne. They are not alone. They were accompanied by their son who is less than 10 years old. After getting off […]

Overbooked AirAsia passengers until they are dragged out

Jakarta – Full planes are normal, but what if they are overbooked? This is an unusual incident experienced by AirAsia passengers. Susan Yong, recounted the unfortunate incident she experienced on Facebook. Susan was a passenger on AirAsia airline flying from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with final destination Chiang Mai, Thailand. Susan said that she has been […]

History AirAsia Overbooked, handwritten ticket, passenger dragged out

Jakarta – Viral on Facebook, there is an overbooked AirAsia flight which causes the expulsion of passengers from the plane. Here is the timeline. The video was shown by Susan Yong. You recounted an unpleasant experience on the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Susan said that she has been booking tickets for […]

They say the best airline in the world, why do fat people refuse to board?

Beirut – Qatar Airways become the best airline in the world. But these passengers feel discriminated against, refused boarding because they are fat! Juliana Nehme (38), Brazilian plus-size influencer and model experienced an unexpected incident with Qatar Airways. Reported by, Juliana has just returned from vacation with her family. On vacation in Lebanon, Juliana […]

Troubled by airplane seats that recline too much, this woman takes her revenge

Jakarta – Airplane passengers they often argue in reclining chairs. Well, this woman does not want to lose and take revenge. Recently, an Australian citizen, Fiona, shared her experience of air travel through a radio show on Fitzy & Wippa. This woman says she’s found a way to get even with passengers who recline too […]