Terminations not excluded: Airbus cuts deliveries by 40 percent

The corona virus pandemic is hitting the aviation industry hard. International air traffic is collapsing, airlines are in the red and reducing their fleets. Airbus is now feeling this too – and more so than previously thought. The costs have to go down. Aircraft manufacturer Airbus will cut production and deliveries by 40 percent and […]

Hundreds of jobs in Germany: Airbus cuts more than 2,000 jobs

Wednesday February 19, 2020 The aircraft manufacturer Airbus has long had fewer orders in its armaments and space sector. Now the group announces: Jobs will be lost in several countries – also in this country. It is open which locations are affected. The European aerospace group Airbus plans to cut almost 2,400 jobs in its […]

Airplane orders en masse: Airbus makes a vertical start to the new year

Thursday February 6, 2020 While Boeing is going through times of crisis, business is booming at Airbus. In just one month, the European aircraft manufacturer is collecting so many orders that a large part of the total number of previous years has already been reached. This includes orders for a brand new model. The European […]

Corruption scandal: Airbus bribed aircraft sales worldwide

AIn previous years, irbus boosted sales worldwide through bribery and corruption. After four years of investigations, the aircraft manufacturer can now draw a line under the dark chapter for the unprecedented sum of 3.6 billion euros to law enforcement officers in Great Britain, France and the USA. Courts have just confirmed the agreements, which are […]

World’s largest aircraft manufacturer: Airbus is the new number one in the sky

It has been a rivalry for decades: Boeing against Airbus. The winner was clear last year. For the first time since 2011, Airbus has delivered more aircraft than its US rival. As expected, the European Airbus group chased its US rival Boeing 2019 as the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer. Airbus delivered a total of 863 […]