California teachers are rebelling against the merger of Moneta and PPF

The merger of Moneta Money Bank and the banking division of the PPF Group has another opponent. It is Monety’s minority shareholder, the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS), a fund of teacher retirement savings in California. He is Moneta’s first shareholder to hear the recommendation of respected overseas shareholder advisors to vote against the […]

The end of PPF founder Kellner can complicate giant projects

In addition, PPF is considering listing the telecommunications company Cetin. Due to recent transactions, the value of Cetin could according to Bloomberg range over 176 billion crowns. There has also been speculation in the market about the entry of the Mall Group internet group on the stock exchange. The PPF Group has a 40% stake […]

Interest in mortgages broke records in February

In February alone, people took out mortgage loans for almost 30 billion crowns, so the shortest month of the year, according to Fincentrum Hypoindex statistics, became the strongest measured month in domestic history this year. The influx of people into banks was helped by fears of future increases in mortgage rates. “February this year surpassed […]