Fantastic increase in HIV/AIDS cases in Batam, dominated by same-sex couples, Batam – Municipal Health Office Batam recorded an increase in the number of cases HIV/AIDS in Batam City reaching 446 people in 2022. The amazing thing, from the findings of the Healthcare Company, it is stated that the increase in cases is dominated by the deviations in the behavior of homosexual couples. Batam City […]

History of World AIDS Day Commemoration of December 1st and its Twibbon…

KOMPAS. com – World AIDS day or World AIDS day commemorated every 1 December. This year’s commemoration of World AIDS Day falls on Thursday (1/12/2022). The commemoration of World AIDS Day 2022 takes the theme “Equalize”. WHO calls on world leaders and citizens to recognize and boldly address the inequalities that hinder progress in ending […]

30 greetings to celebrate World AIDS Day on December 1st

21. “On World AIDS Day, I would like to remind you that we can end HIV by creating awareness about this disease.” 22. “On World AIDS Day, we must remember that we must be even more sensitive to those fighting this disease and their families who often suffer discrimination.” 23. “On this World AIDS Day, […]

World AIDS Day 1st December 2022 ‘Equalize’ story and theme

Solo – World AIDS Day or World AIDS Day is celebrated every December 1 or Thursday (1/12/2022) tomorrow. The following is the story of World AIDS Day and this year’s theme. History of World AIDS Day 2022 Reported detikHealthWorld AIDS Day was established after the US presidential election campaign in 1988. This commemoration was originally […]

People with HIV / AIDS in Banyuwangi Translucent 5,535 People

BANYUWANGI – The number of people with HIV/AIDS in Banyuwangi has reached 5,535 people. This figure is calculated from 1999 to October 2021. In details, there are 3,625 people living with HIV and 1,910 people with AIDS. Of these, 642 people were declared dead. – Almost every year there are about 500 to 600 recorded […]

New HIV Infection Cases Targeted to Disappear by 2030

Indonesia is pursuing the target of being free of new HIV cases with the 95-95-95 strategy. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The government targets that there will be no more new cases of HIV infection, cases of death due to AIDS, and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) by 2030. The government is confident that these […]

History and Meaning of the World AIDS Day Red Ribbon

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Memorial Day AIDS The world is not free from red tape. The ribbon is folded to resemble an inverted V and pinned to the chest or collar of the garment. This is not a mere decoration but contains history and meaning. In 1988, a group of art professionals founded Visual AIDS […]

World AIDS Day 1 December, this is the theme for this year’s celebration

Jakarta – Every December 1 is always commemorated as World AIDS Day. This year, it is commemorated on Wednesday (1/12/2021). The aim of World AIDS Day is to raise awareness of the dangers of HIV/AIDS and to ensure that everyone has equal access to prevention, testing, treatment and care for this disease. Quoted from WHO, […]