New National Bank jobs .. 7 colleges and majors are required .. Hurry up, apply from here

Jobs of Ahli Bank 2021 The country echo site is reviewed during the next report, National Bank jobs Al-Jadida, where the bank said on its official website, that there are specializations required to work for the bank from the College of Commerce and Business Administration in the departments of “accounting, taxation, marketing, administration, foreign trade, […]

Savings Certificates … What You Should Know Before Saving Your Money (Details)

Subscribe to receive economic news Last week, the National Bank of Egypt announced that it acquired savings certificates in the National Investment Bank, raising more questions from many citizens who wish to invest in safe and high-return savings containers. The savings certificates in the National Investment Bank are considered as one of the savings certificates, […]

In 9 banks … these are the highest interest certificates in the banking market

03:55 PM Tuesday 02nd February 2021 I wrote – Manal Al-Masry: The map of higher-yielding savings certificates has changed in the Egyptian banking market, after measures to reduce interest on these certificates over the past few days. The last of these measures was the decision of the National Bank of Egypt to reduce interest on […]

Learn about the interest rate for high-yielding certificates at Al-Ahly and Egypt

1:34 PM Friday 25 December 2020 I wrote – Manal Al-Masry: Yesterday, Thursday, the Assets and Liabilities Committee of the National Bank of Egypt and Egypt decided to reduce the annual return by 1% on their high-yield savings certificates with a maturity of (three years), according to statements from officials of the two banks to […]

The lowest interest on a personal loan in 3 banks … Know it

3:00 pm Monday 14 December 2020 I wrote – Manal Al-Masry: Commercial International, Al-Ahly and Egypt banks offer personal loans at the lowest interest rates without administrative expenses. In order to stimulate the consumption and purchase rates in the market. The interest rate offered on a personal loan varies; It is subject to a set […]