Banks almost do not lend: credit to the agricultural sector is only 1.9%

About 40 kilometers from the capital by highway 6 de Noviembre and twelve from the urban area of ​​the province, northwest of the historic “Cradle of the Constitution”, is Cambita Garabitos: cradle and thriving “capital” of the Dominican avocado in terms of sowing and supply, both local and exportable. CAMBITA GARABITOS, Dominican Republic August 12, […]

Export boom to China boosts U.S. agriculture sector

Donald Trump’s trade war with China left American farmers dependent on government financial support to survive, but China is now at the center of a shift in farmers’ fortunes as booming exports and rising food prices drive a recovery in the agricultural economy of USA. The North American nation is on its way to send […]

Department of Agriculture & Fisheries calls for respecting hygienic precautions – Landbouwleven – The weekly magazine for the Flemish country

In recent years, some contagious animal and plant diseases have emerged in the agricultural and horticultural sector. The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has now posted an overview on its website with all the biosecurity measures (hygienic precautions) that you must observe when visiting an agricultural or horticultural business. WITHDiseases such as pseudo-bird flu, African […]

They regulate a social protection floor for those who earn less than the minimum

The Ministry of Labor issued the decree that created a social protection floor for all Colombians who earn less than a minimum wage, which stands at $ 980,657 including the transportation subsidy. The mechanism will have workers linked on a mandatory and voluntary basis. In the first case, it will be the workers and contractors […]