Decreasing trend continues: smallest nitrogen surplus since 2014 | Nitrogen

23 jan 2023 om 00:01Update: 2 uur geleden The nitrogen surplus will have decreased in 2021 compared to the previous year. However, 290 million kilograms of nitrogen still disappeared unused in the soil or the air. The nitrogen surplus has been declining for years and has not been this small since 2014. In comparison with […]

Farmers must comply more quickly with stricter rules for spreading manure | Politics

20 jan 2023 om 15:12Update: een uur geleden The new, stricter rules for spreading manure will be introduced earlier than Minister Piet Adema (Agriculture) had planned. The minister announced on Friday afternoon that an “estimation error” had been made. Adema was pressured by the European Commission. Last year it was agreed with Brussels that the […]

Al-Modon – Tony Frangieh: Engineers..doctors..youth..girls for export

distance a lot from trading And discussions and give and take, and after Lebanese experts are exhausted their thoughts out solve for crisis Economic that she suffers from Country, from Extraction Gas from Sea to me negotiations With cash desk criticism repairs, and even Export Lemon Abu bundle According to athe moment Mohammed Kawtharani, went […]

Dozens of municipalities fall from the list of rural areas, see …

The Ministry of Agriculture has submitted to the European Commission the Strategic Plan for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas (SPRZSR) in Bulgaria for the period 2023-2027 for a final preliminary assessment. The document includes all the changes made after the 405 comments received in May of this year, the main ones being the […]

Egg becomes very expensive due to war and bird flu | Economy

09 nov 2022 om 05:37 Zie ookPrijzen ook in oktober flink gestegen, maar lagere inflatie dan in september Supermarkets will raise prices further According to Oplaat, prices at the farmer have already risen considerably, but supermarkets need to raise prices further. “There are farmers who are unable to sign a good contract that takes into […]

Midagri starts a fourth international process to acquire fertilizers

The Ministry of Agricultural Development and Irrigation (Midagri) has announced the start of a new international process acquire a total of 44,000 tons of urea through Agro Rural, in order to guarantee the agricultural campaign for the period 2022-2023. It concerns fourth attempt of the government to obtain fertilizers in the midst of the crisis […]

Australia’s agriculture is booming |

In any case, the economic outlook of the Australian Office for Agriculture and Natural Resources (Abares) has never been as optimistic as this September; New highs are expected for sectoral added value, export earnings and farmers’ incomes. This is made possible by above-average prices for most agricultural products, strong international demand for the corona pandemic […]

Banks almost do not lend: credit to the agricultural sector is only 1.9%

About 40 kilometers from the capital by highway 6 de Noviembre and twelve from the urban area of ​​the province, northwest of the historic “Cradle of the Constitution”, is Cambita Garabitos: cradle and thriving “capital” of the Dominican avocado in terms of sowing and supply, both local and exportable. CAMBITA GARABITOS, Dominican Republic August 12, […]