Muceniece, following Sobchak, appeared in a fashionable almond milk down jacket

Julia Todorovich The actress attended the opening of the country’s main skating rink on Red Square. She dressed in the same style as the other guests of the event. Agatha Mutseniece. Photo: – Agatha Mutseniece has long been a popular actress. She became famous after the series “Closed School”. Also, viewers saw her in […]

ex-wife of Priluchny in a spectacular evening dress was published

Julia Todorovich The actress chose an unusual ball gown for a secular evening. She attracted attention to herself. Agatha Mutseniece. Photo: – Agatha Mutseniece has long been a famous actress. She has starred in films and TV shows more than once. But many fans still love her for her role in the movie “Closed […]

Muceniece set off a “fire” in a bright fiery jacket and sports bra

Irina Romanova The actress playfully paraded during the backstage shooting. Agatha Mutseniece. Photo: – Leading role in the series “Closed School” Agatha Mutseniece posted a record in her personal microblogging, in which she showed off-screen footage of a new candid photo session. Muceniece in a rich shade of orange paraded up the stairs and […]

Muceniece admitted how she tried to establish her personal life after the divorce

Larisa Grechikhina The actress divorced Pavel Priluchny last year. Agatha Mutseniece. Photo: Global Look Press – One of the most beautiful couples in Russian cinema Agatha Mutseniece and Pavel Priluchny divorced last year after eight years of marriage. And if the “major” immediately found himself in a new relationship with a colleague in the workshop […]

Karpovich replaced the mother to Priluchny’s children during a vacation in Sochi

Alexey Zayakin The actress is in excellent relations with the heirs of the actor from Agatha Muceniece. Miroslava Karpovich. Photo: – The star of the series “Daddy’s Daughters” Miroslava Karpovich spends time with his beloved actor Pavel Priluchny and his children from actress Agatha Muceniece in Sochi. The “family” in its entirety goes, in […]

Agatha Muceniece exposed the steel press

Irina Romanova The actress spends a lot of energy on rehearsals, so she has lost a lot of weight. –Agatha Mutseniece. Photo: – In one of the last Stories of the personal microblogging, the former lover of Pavel Priluchny – Agatha Mutseniece – showed a built figure. The celebrity owes this transformation to the […]

“How can I wear it now?”: Agata Muceniece could not keep the pants on her hips

Irina Romanova The Closed School star showed how her body was transformed. –Agatha Mutseniece. Photo: – In one of the latest publications of the actress’s personal microblogging Agatha Muceniece a record appeared in which the celebrity boasted of a slender figure in a bra and widest trousers. Ex-wife Paul Priluchny showed the multi-colored jeans […]

Agata Muceniece in a sky-blue trouser suit staged a fashion show on the street

Julia Todorovich The actress met a friend at work. She showed off in a summer look. –Agatha Mutseniece. Photo: – Agatha Mutseniece has been building a career in cinema for a long time. The series “Closed School” brought her fame. Then she met Pavel Priluchny, who became her husband. They lived together for almost […]

Muceniece in a lemon bikini showed luxurious hips

Julia Todorovich The actress spent the day sunbathing. She boasted of a graceful figure without a flaw, showing how prettier she was after her divorce from Pavel Priluchny. –Agatha Mutseniece. Photo: – Agatha Mutseniece lately, he rarely finds time to rest. The star of the series “Closed School” is filmed in various projects, which […]