Taliban Leaders Committed to End the War

The Taliban called for solving the problem internally. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, KABUL – The Taliban’s supreme leader Haibatullah Akhunzada said he strongly supports a political solution to the Afghan conflict. This was conveyed when the Taliban was carrying out attacks and controlled several areas of the country. ‚ÄúDespite military gains and advances, the Islamic Emirate (Afghanistan) strongly […]

Afghanistan’s situation is more worrying than COVID-19, China continues to evacuate its citizens

The plane belongs to Xiamen Airlines which was deployed to assist the repatriation of Chinese nationals from Afghanistan. Photo: ANTARA/M. Irfan Ilmie/am. jpnn.com, BEIJING – The Chinese government continues to evacuate its citizens from Afghanistan amid the spotlight on imported COVID-19 cases. Xiamen Airlines flight number MF8008 brought home 210 Chinese citizens from Kabul, Afghanistan, […]