AFAD announced how long the Marmaris earthquake lasted!

AFAD’s report included the following statements: * 06/28/2020 days, 20 hours with Turkey: 43. epicenter of the Mediterranean, 3.67 km Marmaris (Mugla) An earthquake with magnitude 5.2 Mw occurred. The closest settlement of this earthquake, which occurred 63.72 km deep, is 8.09 km away from the Bayirköy village of the Marmaris district of Muğla. From […]

Recent list of earthquakes… Aftershocks continue! AFAD and Kandilli Observatory data…

Turkey’s agenda for some time focused on the earthquake situation in our country, the bitter truth earthquakes can occur at any moment another point and continues mobility in recent days fault. DERPEMS CONTINUE IN ELAZIĞ Two consecutive earthquakes occurred in Sivrice district of Elazig today. It was determined that the first earthquake that took place […]

Breaking news: Earthquake in Elazig … Joint statement from the Three Ministers!

Elazig It was shaken yesterday with an earthquake of 6.8 magnitude. The center of the earthquake at 20.55 yesterday was announced as Sivrice district. Kandilli While the observatory explains the magnitude of the earthquake as 6.5 and its depth as 5 km AFAD explained the earthquake as 6.8 magnitude and 6.7 km under the ground. […]