Demand Down, Xenia No Longer Becomes Daihatsu’s Backbone

JAKARTA, – Daihatsu recorded sales contribution Xenia decreased in 2020. In fact Low MPV This Avanza twin is usually the backbone of sales in Indonesia. But last year, Xenia was only able to finish sixth in the ranks of the best-selling cars. Xenia is under Grand Max MB, Ayla, Terios, Grand Max PU, and […]

Vehicles Using High Octane Fuel Can Be More Efficient, Myth or Fact?

JAKARTA, – Selection of the type of fuel oil (BBM) for vehicles should be adjusted to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Because, each manufacturer has taken into account the type of fuel in accordance with compression ratio vehicle. Meanwhile, every kind fuel which is sold in the market has value octane different which could just not […]

Rent a solar system: This is how you can save money

If you rent or lease a solar system, you can not only do something good for the environment, you can also save money in the next year. When you hear the word solar, you probably think first of the positive effects that green electricity has on the carbon footprint. We didn’t just know since yesterday […]

Daihatsu Rocky Price Leaks, Launching Next Year?

JAKARTA, – Recently circulated a photo showing a small car that is predicted to be a crossover, Daihatsu Rocky. Even though it is still wrapped in camouflage, the appearance of the car with the box shape is indeed very identical to the compact SUV. Moreover, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor have made several gestures to […]

Daihatsu Rocky Has Tested the Road in Indonesia?

JAKARTA, – Photo showing a crossover small closed white camouflage is conducting a road test in the Jabodetabek area being discussed by national automotive lovers, Saturday (17/10/2020). The reason is, the car looks like a box with shark fins (shark fin) at first glance similar to Daihatsu Rocky. Given, recently Daihatsu Indonesia has often […]

The car battery image indicator lights up, what does it mean? All pages

JAKARTA, – Four-wheeled vehicles are equipped with a variety indicator to monitor each component available. Indicator There are various forms that are usually installed in the meter section of the vehicle cluster. Each indicator will provide information to the driver about the vehicle’s device before use. If there are components that have a problem, […]

Coronavirus treatment: steroids are said to counteract Covid-19

A new type of coronavirus treatment relies on corticosteroids. So far it seems extremely effective. In severe cases, scientists are currently testing a new method of Coronavirus treatment. Corticosteroids, a group of almost 50 steroid hormones and synthetic substances formed in the adrenal cortex, are intended to alleviate Covid-19 diseases and thus prevent fatal consequences. […]

Coronavirus vaccine: duration of immunity still seems unclear

Scientists from all over the world are currently researching coronavirus vaccines. But it seems that it is still far from known what such a product will actually bring in the end. The Covid-19 pandemic is still keeping the world in suspense and raising some not insignificant questions. One of them concerns potential Coronavirus vaccines, their […]

Coronavirus signs: These new symptoms are unpredictable

It’s nothing new that Covid-19 is also attacking the brain. But new signs of coronavirus are taking on almost frightening features. Lately the reports have become new Coronavirus signs increasingly in the case of a severe course of the disease. Patients report symptoms such as hallucinations, delirium-like conditions, and even psychoses. Scientists are now increasingly […]