Adam Deni Closes Door Sorry to Jerinx: I’ll be waiting in Jakarta!

Jakarta – Social media activist Adam Deni close the door sorry for musicians Jerinx. Adam Deni emphasized that he would not withdraw the report against Jerinx regarding the threats that are currently being processed at the Polda Metro Jaya. Adam Deni admitted that he was contacted by Jerinx this afternoon. This was revealed by Adam […]

Allegations of Deleting IG Lead to Threats Make Jerinx Police

Jakarta – Musician Jerinx was reported to Polda Metro Jaya by social media activist Adam Deni. Jerinx reported to the police for accusing Adam Deni of deleting Jerinx’s Instagram account accompanied by threats through electronic media (ITE). This case began when Adam Deni commented in the comments column on Jerinx’s Instagram. Adam Deni questioned the […]

As a result of the Covid-19 Endorse Allegation, Jerinx SID Will Be Policed? – Adam Deni cooperated with a lawyer, Machi Achmad to consult the dispute with Jerinx SID regarding the discussion of Covid-19 endorsement data. He doesn’t know whether to take this matter to court or not. This was revealed by Adam Deni on his personal Instagram @adngrk, Sunday (4/7/2021). “Hello everyone. I will answer your […]