[Sport] Regional 1: triggers already sharpened

Honor to Mamoudou Diallo to begin with. Back in the pei championship this season, the former Le Havre demonstrated in two games that he had not lost any of his scoring qualities from the time when he was the delight of JS Saint-Pierroise. Like last Wednesday against Bagatelle, the new Saint-Denis FC center-forward signed a […]

[Sport] Goalkeeper school: A specific need

The Joan of Arc symbolically launched yesterday its specific sessions for goalkeepers, supported by the Association of the School of Goalkeepers dear to Yasser Arafat-Melanie, also coach of the purple goalkeepers. “The objective is to improve the training of port guards”, explains simply Florence Mussard, technical manager of Jeanne. The flagship club of the Port […]

Syria: Assad re-elected with 95.1% of the votes – World

As was expected, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was re-elected to lead the country for another seven years, with 95.1% of the votes. The announcement was made by the President of the Damascus Parliament. The vote had been harshly criticized by the United States, Great Britain and the European Union who had called the elections a […]

[Sport] Judo: Guillaume Chaine, “these are my roots”

Of Reunion origin and trained at JCM Saint-Paul, Guillaume Chaîne wants to be a flag bearer of the island at the next Olympic Games which will be his first, at 34 years old. The Olympics are the adventure of a lifetime. When he rewinds the film of his, at 34, Guillaume Chaine sees himself where […]

[Société] Saint-Denis: In support of Palestine

DEMONSTRATION. While a ceasefire that came into effect on Friday put an end to the escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas, rallies of support were held across France yesterday. In Reunion, they were between 200 and 300 to have gathered in support of Palestine. Between 250 and 300 Reunionese gathered yesterday in the Labourdonnais […]

[Société] Health: Even in winter, beware of UV!

Health. Winter does not protect against ultraviolet rays. As a reminder, the Karaván Santé de Saint-Paul joined forces with other associations on the Boucan Canot esplanade. Watch out for ultraviolet rays! This is the message that the Karaván Santé de Saint-Paul conveyed to sunbathing enthusiasts yesterday. From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., on the Boucan […]

[Société] Ségur de la santé: three paramedical professions upgraded

SOCIAL. The CDFT Santé does not hide its satisfaction at having contributed to the recent increase in the salaries of three paramedical professions within the framework of the Ségur agreement: laboratory technicians, dieticians and trainers in pharmacy, agents or employees of the Public Service. The negotiations focused on the reengineering of these professions and the […]

[Société] Reunion preferred to forget that it was called Bonaparte Island

HISTORY. France will today commemorate the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death even if these celebrations are not unanimous. In Reunion, almost everyone seems to have forgotten that our island was called “Bonaparte Island”. For what reasons ? Explanations from Reunion Island historian Olivier Fontaine. Official commemorations take place in metropolitan France to celebrate the two cents […]

[AFP] Broadway waits for fall, but New York’s oldest play is already back

On the bill since 1987, the doyenne of the plays of New York, “Perfect Crime”, is already back on the boards, ahead of Broadway which will wait until September. She owes it to the energy of Catherine Russell, who has played the same role more than 13,500 times and carries her theater at arm’s length. […]