Mediation Failed, PKPU Ace Hardware Case Entered the Court

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Mediation between PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk and the plaintiff, namely Wibowo & Partners, reportedly failed. The plan is for the dispute between the two parties to be continued at the court table next year. The failure of the mediation process was revealed by the Attorney for Wibowo & Partners Fajar […]

These are the items that people are most chasing after at ACE Hardware in 2020

JAKARTA, – Even though the corona virus or Covid-19 pandemic occurred in 2020, it did not reduce people’s interest in shopping for household goods. One of the household goods retail companies, PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk, has become one of the outlets for household needs chosen by the community for shopping. Then what items […]

Because of the Rp. 10 million contract, Ace Hardware got PKPU

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In the last week, the market news has been busy with reports from the household appliance retailer, PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk (ACE). The company was sued by the attorney office of Wibowo and Partners with the status of Postponement of Debt Payment Obligations (PKPU), because of a cooperation contract case […]

Ace Hardware Open Voice Regarding Bankruptcy Lawsuit

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk opens its voice about the lawsuit bankrupt submitted by Wibowo and Partners. They claim they do arrears monthly amounting to IDR 10 million in collaboration with Wibowo and Partners. This cooperation is in the form of legal services or legal service agreement. “Related legal service agreement […]

Sued for bankruptcy, Ace Hardware admits he has arrears of Rp. 10 million

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Management of PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk said it had not received an official notification regarding lawsuit Postponement of Debt Payment Obligation (PKPU) by Wibowo and Partners to the Central Jakarta Commercial Court. Director of Ace Hardware Indonesia Sugianto Wibawa confirmed that his company has a partnership in the form of […]

Sued PKPU, this is ACE Hardware (ACES) response

ILLUSTRATION. Visitors are checked for body temperature when entering a retail shop selling tools, in East Jakarta, Tuesday (9/6/2020). Tribunnews / Herudin Reporter: Sugeng Adji Soenarso | Editor: Tendi Mahadi KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk was sued for Postponement of Debt Payment Obligation (PKPU) by Wibowo and Partners. The lawsuit is reported […]