Look… and asking for sugar is a divine miracle… a simple and magical drink available in every home that controls blood sugar and breaks down kidney stones and has countless benefits!

Basil Al-Najjar – Cairo – Monday 17 October 2022 23:46 – Fenugreek, or methi in Hindi, is one of the most common spices in Indian cuisine and around the world. Fenugreek is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, and is considered to be one of the best healthful ingredients.Because of its medicinal properties, it is widely […]

Look at… the fiery confessions of star Menna Shalaby… and reveals the most powerful scene of her living with Khadesh, and she can’t control herself and has him stopped in this movie.

You are now following the news of star Menna Shalaby’s fiery confessions .. He reveals the most powerful scene of his intimate relationship with her, and he can’t control himself and forced him to stop in this movie. And now with the details Riyadh – Ruwayda bin Abbas – 14/10/2022 It is 9:08 pm | […]

Watch .. Leader Adel Imam’s hottest hot scene with Suhair Ramzy and it made her scream hysterically in the bedroom, and the director couldn’t stop it and the acting became reality .. Watch

Basil Al-Najjar – Cairo – Wednesday 12 October 2022 22:45 – The art channels of the famous video site “YouTube” re-released a hot scene from the film “The Night of the Wedding”, produced in 1975, and it was banned from the projection because of the daring scenes it contained. The most daring of which was […]

Have fun: the beautiful Ruby will show you one of the best baladi dances ever

Thanks for reading the news on Enjoy: Ruby will show you the 10 best dances in my country and now with the details Aden – Yasmine El-Tohamy – The singer Ruby attracted attention, after giving a concert in a famous hotel, which was held for a private company. Ruby presented a number of songs that […]

Look .. the screams and moans of the artist Ilham Shaheen in the most explosive and violent scene with Karim Abdel Aziz and the director did not stop shooting and let the fun continue until the end! (Watch the video)

Basil Al-Najjar – Cairo – Tuesday 11 October 2022 00:17 – Art channels on the popular video platform “YouTube” have re-released scenes from the film “Junnah Al-Hayat”, produced in 2000, and one of the most important scenes that are been put into circulation is the scene of marital infidelity that brought together the artist Ilham […]

Look … the screams and moans of the artist, Yusra, exploded and the most violent scene of the leaked Adel Imam film, which made Yusra the director bleed, cry and anger (watch the video)

Basil Al-Najjar – Cairo – Monday 10 October 2022 00:17 – Actress Yousra, in her performance and spontaneity, ascended the throne of the most righteous Egyptian actors and artists.All her films were with the heroes of art Egyptian and cinema, like the artist Adel Imam, and perhaps she is more. And Adel Imam took care […]