Recognize the characteristics of breast cancer lumps, don’t be late! – All Pages Illustration of a breast cancer lump CewekBanget.ID – Breast cancer synonymous with appearance bump in the breast area as one of its characteristics. However, in fact the emergence bump in the breast does not necessarily mean directly breast cancer, yes. So, get to know a number of features bump breast cancer what distinguishes it […]

Moderate geomagnetic storm warning for October 11, 2021

Francisco Martin Leon Meteored Spain 55 minutes ago 6 min G2 geomagnetic storm warning (moderate) for October 11, 2021. NOAA-NWS NWS-NOAA space weather meteorologists modeled the trajectory of coronal mass ejection, CME, toward Earth and have confirmed that it will likely arrive today on October 11. The impact could cause geomagnetic storms of class G1 […]

Take note, these are 6 interesting promos that you should get from HarJOYnas 10.10, Jakarta It’s hard to believe that we are approaching the end of the year. Vacation plans should not be missed, as well as various attractive promos from e-commerce Homeland. Various year-end product promos can be had. Starting from the equipment makeup, home furnishings, to automotive hobbies are in year-end promos e-commerce. Not to forget, […]

Arid Meteor Shower Sightings Will Appear on Earth this Week in October 2021

Arid Meteor Shower Sightings Will Appear on Earth this Week in October 2021 – Phenomenon meteor Rain Arid or also called meteor Rain The youngest will appear on Earth in early October 2021. Researcher at the Center for Space Science Research at the National Aeronautics and Space Research Organization (BRIN) Andi Pangerang said, meteor […]

Listen! Recognize the characteristics of expired drugs according to BPOM

KOMPAS.TV – Having a supply of medicine at home will indeed help when an urgent condition occurs. However, before consuming drugs that were previously stored, it’s a good idea to check the expiration date again. Expired medicine or expired are not effective for treating disease, and can even pose serious health risks. In addition to […]

Drinking too much water makes it easy to sweat?, Jakarta In order to stay healthy, it is important for us to immediately replace the lost fluids by drinking water. That’s because most parts of the human body are filled with fluids, to run their organs. However, it turns out that for some people, drinking water for rehydration has a different impact on the […]