365 DNI: Will the sequel be broadcast on Netflix?

Polish feature film 365 DAYS caused a sensation upon its release. Although it divided the canvas, the project still maintains a place in the Top France Netflix, for almost a month. Now that the actors have officially announced that a sequel is in preparation, can we expect to find it on the streaming platform? In […]

We should talk about the errors in the 365 Days plot

Obviously, a lot of people like the movie 365 Days – based on the Polish book 365 days – very entertaining. The erotic drama is still in the top 10 most watched movies and series on Netflix. And because of the success of the first movie, 365 Days part 2 is coming. The biggest reason […]

365 DNI: Anna-Maria Sieklucka hardly interprets Laura for this reason

365 DNI: Anna-Maria Sieklucka hardly interprets Laura for this reason It’s safe to say that the romantic / erotic movie, 365 DAYS (365 days) is basically 50 shades of gray on steroids. The popular Polish book of the same name came to Netflix in June, and people have a lot of opinions on the tape. […]

365 DNI: After Split, sulfur film is the subject of a deletion request on Netflix

A few days ago, fans were asking that the film Split be removed from the Netflix streaming platform. Today is the sulphurous feature film 365 DAYS who is the victim of the same fate. Criticized since its release, the Polish feature film has divided the canvas. For the Soeurcières collective, it is impossible to stop […]

Juso demands that Netflix withdraw

The SP politician Ronja Jansen wants to force Netflix to remove the erotic strip «365 Days» from the platform. Netflix The erotic thriller “365 Days” gets Netflix a lot of attention – not just positive ones. The Juso is now demanding that the streaming provider withdraw the film. The erotic story «365 Days» is both […]