Orban wants the dissolution of the European Parliament and no direct election of MPs

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, believes that the European Parliament should consist of Members of national parliaments from EU member states and not be directly elected. In an interview published today for the newspaper “Modyar Nemzet”, the Hungarian prime minister said that he proposes to dissolve the European Parliament in connection with the corruption scandal […]

Love led Dechko Dekov to break the bank branch in Sliven

A love affair led 41-year-old Dechko Dekov to break the window of a bank branch in Sliven on 17 December. This is revealed by the author himself to a Nova TV team. Just a week ago, a 42-year-old man tried to rob a bank in Sliven. Failed due to an activated alarm. However, a security […]

The US has included the election of Radev and the BSP in Russian disinformation

In the State Department’s special report on Russian disinformation and the Kremlin’s propaganda ecosystem, the United States included the election of Radev and the BSP during the 2016 elections in our country. According to the report, Leonid Reshetnikov, a retired lieutenant general in Russia’s foreign intelligence service, interfered in the 2016 Bulgarian presidential election just […]

The minimum wage will be BGN 780 from 1 January 2023.

The minimum wage is expected to become BGN 780 from 1 January. Social Minister Lazar Lazarov will propose it to the Council of Ministers, he announced at the meeting of the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation. The government’s proposal so far was to raise the minimum wage to BGN 770 from June. My team and […]

They arrested a 61-year-old woman who embezzled over BGN 350,000 from Dulovo municipality

The Silistra District Court determined the most severe pre-trial detention measure “detention” for 61-year-old Maria Dimitrova, accused of embezzlement of more than BGN 350,000 from Dulovo municipality during 2012-2018. The investigation began four years ago after a financial audit of the Dulovo municipality. It therefore appears clear that the woman, in her capacity as senior […]

I loved him but he was a domestic abuser (review)

People here are not used to such relationships, Radev explained He introduced himself to the magistrates in the courtroom as a composer The incident occurred a day after the two lived in Stamboliyski 45-year-old Alexander Radev from Sofia, accused of the intentional murder of her husband Andreas Ropel, is appearing before the Plovdiv District Court […]

I caught her on video chat doing stuff with another man

– Simo Kasabov cried in the Plovdiv court – What jealousy? Her husband personally paid for her silicone breasts and she goes clubbing with her friends, close family members said – My mother is lying, said the daughter of the beaten Dimitria “We had a wonderful family for 20 years. It was everything to me. […]

See what conditions one of the exchanged children lives in (Photo)

One of the exchanged children – 3-month-old Vanessa, who is still with her mother Sevda Mihailova, is growing up in a dilapidated house. A bgonair report shows the conditions in which the little girl’s life began. It is clear from the footage that the house where the child is being raised is ransacked and has […]