Kadyrov and the head of “Wagner” praise the new commander of the Russian forces

Sergey Surovikin is a Syrian veteran An experienced warrior and a far-sighted commander, for whom concepts such as patriotism, honor and dignity are always above all else. This is how Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov described the new commander-in-chief of the Russian military forces in Ukraine, Sergey Surovikin, wishing him luck and success in his service, […]

The restorer Stefan Tapanov is dead

The Assoc. Stefan Hristov Tapanov, head of the “Restoration” department of the National Academy of Arts, which for more than fifteen years had been organizing and leading the restoration activities of the frescoes of the Rila Monastery, announced “doors“. Stefan Tapanov was born on June 4, 1963 in Shipka. In 1982 he graduated from the […]

Anyone who survives a nuclear attack will envy those who die immediately

If Russia uses an atomic bomb, it becomes a legitimate target of all nuclear powers The specter of nuclear winter once again looms over the world. Vladimir Putin has announced that he is ready to use him in his aggression against Ukraine. And Ramzan Kadyrov and Dmitry Medvedev sang to him. Kim Jong Un, no […]

A diet was introduced in Crimea after the bridge exploded

A regime for the amount of food that can be purchased was introduced on the Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula after the 19km bridge connecting it to the Kerch region was blown up early this morning. Crimea has food supplies for 55 days, according to the Russian state news agency TASS. However, a ban on the sale […]

Either they don’t understand us, or they pretend not (Video)

Kiril Petkov says they cannot form a joint parliamentary group with DB for moral reasons, and he was shopping for ITN deputies at laboratories, he pointed out. “Change” has rejected a coalition and whatever they have created, this is their best option and I totally understand them. Let me say that either they don’t understand […]

Buba – policewoman or influencer

The photos on her profile show that she was in the Maldives this year 192 photos and a video of how it sounds, there is an Instagram profile of the policewoman Buba (Lyubka Gecheva), who, together with Georgi Malinski, asked for 200 BGN to escort the drunk and drug addict Dimitar Lyubenov to the Sofia […]

Tatiana Tityanova’s last night

According to her sister, several people were waiting for her in her kitchen, taking her out with her 3-month-old baby. They beat her and strangle her, take her back behind the block and leave the baby in the apartment At the morgue they found that she had no skin on her stomach – she was […]

Nikolay Sabev from “Prodluzhvame Promyanata” also leaves the party

Former transport minister and member of “Let’s continue the change” Nikolay Sabev is also leaving the party, they confirmed for “24 hours”. Apart from the fact that he will not be a deputy in the 48th Parliament, he also leaves the ranks of the PP. However, the expert will stay close to his former colleagues […]

They brought in the guarantor of the murder of the banker Stanka Marangozova

The accused as guarantor of the banker’s murder – businessman Ivo Maslarov, was arrested in Germany and extradited on a flight to Sofia today, he reported BNT. On 19 October 2019, banker Stanka Marangozova was conspicuously hit by a motorcyclist in front of her home near the capital’s District Hospital. Investigators arrested NSO officer Boris […]