Scammers stole property of wealthy families in central Sofia (Overview)

Millions worth of properties in central Sofia ended up in foreign hands for just BGN 50,000, it shows BBC investigation. There are contracts and marriage in the scheme and, according to the investigators, in both cases they are forgeries. The cheated come from a rich family of aristocrats, bankers, doctors, lawyers, artists. The Prosecutor’s Office […]

The murdered woman in the village of Slavyanovo was strangled with a garment

A 61-year-old woman from the trading village of Slavyanovo, found dead in her home last night, was strangled with a garment. This was clear from a comment by Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev. The victim was found with a garment wrapped around his neck, he told BNT. One of the versions being worked on is a […]

BGN 1 billion of the money for the second pension was dissolved in 9 months

Experts reassure: it is still low compared to the positive returns achieved in previous years, but people’s insurance contributions are not affected The falls are due to undervalued stocks, in peace the recovery will be rapid Millions of people are locked up in embargoed documents from Russia and Belarus BGN 1 billion from savings of […]

Are Harry and Meghan poor by Hollywood standards?

Are Prince Harry and Meghan poor by Hollywood standards? The net worth of the Dukes of Sussex is estimated at £ 20 million, but that’s more or less, compared to other Hollywood stars. Former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown described the couple’s home as a “modest cottage” and thought the Dukes were poor by Hollywood […]

I only slapped the taxi driver once (Review)

Prosecutor: His nose was bloody, he swallowed his tongue Judge Alessandra Yordanova left the young man in custody, but suggested thinking accusation of inevitable defense I only slapped the taxi driver once. 23-year-old Yosif Ahmad Izze admitted this when he provided explanations to investigators. The young man, who has a secondary education, hairdresser by profession, […]

Yanev is the third option, but GERB can also surprise with a minority cabinet

The foreign missions in Sofia silently monitor the “courtesy” between the parties, after “Promyanata” has officially denied the pressure of the embassies, but unofficially repeats it Whoever gets the third term will most likely form a regular government. GERBs can risk a minority cabinet and seek support for important laws in parliament. These are the […]

The ghost of the presidential republic took off from “Positano” (Review)

Socialists suspect that Rumen Radev wanted the systemic parties to fail and suggested that parliamentary rule leads to chaos. They told each other privately that a new form of state organization had been envisaged in the draft amendment to the constitution of his first term – never shown. The actions of the president and his […]