Venezuela. Nicolás Maduro says it is “ready” to discuss with Donald Trump

The president venezuelan Nicolás Maduro has said “ready “ Monday to discuss with his american counterpart Donald Trump, after the latter has opened the door to a meeting between the two heads of State. “If necessary, I am prepared to discuss respectfully with the president Donald Trump “said Maduro in an interview with the official […]

The tax “Gafa” short-circuited by the United States

Why talk about-t is the tax Gafa ? Because the United States have slammed the door, at least temporarily, discussions should result in a global agreement by the end of the year. Yesterday, the u.s. government has announced its intention to make a pause in the negotiations . Decision that Bruno le Maire, French minister […]

The violence in Dijon, “call for a firm response,” said Christophe Castaner

The violent disturbances of public order and acts of intimidation that have occurred in the agglomeration dijon are unacceptable and require a firm response. Reaction of Christophe Castaner, the minister of the Interior, to the incidents in Dijon (Côte-d’or), these last few days. He spoke with the mayor, François Rebsamen, to confirm the provision of […]

Accused of rape, Darmanin says that he has ” nothing to hide “

The minister of public Accounts Gérald Darmanin said this Monday, June 15, 2020 that it had nothing wronga week after that the court of appeal of Paris ordered the resumption of investigations on a charge of rape in 2009 to his arrest. You need to know to stay quiet as a Baptist when you have […]

Coronavirus. A “curtain hugs” in a retirement home

A curtain hugs has been installed in a retirement home in Sao Paulo, the Brazil, to allow older people to embrace their loved ones through a protection plastic, in spite of the pandemic Covid-19. It has been a while, I missed them so much ! exclaimed Silvio Nagata, 68 years of age, after having taken […]

Coronavirus. Support for these “cured” who are still suffering

Be “huffing and puffing at the slightest effort, it is eroding : I find myself in the state I was in at the exit of the hospital “ lance Gildas, soon to be 40 years. “One wonders when we will be rid of all of it “ launches this former patient of the coronavirus among […]

Controversy over statues linked to colonization: “explain rather than destroy”

Are Colbert, Faidherbe, Ferry also on the hot seat in France? In the wake of American anti-racist protests, monuments and statues linked to French colonial history or the slave trade find themselves at the heart of a controversy at risk, for historian Jacqueline Lalouette, author ofA people of statues. The sculpted celebration of great men. […]