If the 0% tax applies, the price of Avanza Cs is only Rp. 100 million!

Jakarta – The sluggish Indonesian market due to the Corona virus pandemic will be stimulated by relaxation 0 percent new car tax proposed by the Ministry of Industry. If announced, all new car prices will drop dramatically, including the low MPV segment such as the Toyota Avanza et al. This was conveyed by the Chairman […]

These are 3 types of new car taxes that are proposed to be cut to 0%

Jakarta – The Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) proposes that new cars can relax taxes of up to 0%. New car tax relaxation It is hoped that this will raise the automotive industry which in the end can drive the Indonesian economy. Director General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation and Electronics (ILMATE) Industry of the Ministry of […]

Government Wants to Free Tax on New Cars, Do You Agree?

Jakarta – For the sake of jacking up car sell domestically, the government through the Ministry of Industry proposed tax exemption of up to 0% for a new car. Do you agree with this discourse? “We have proposed to the Minister of Finance to relax the new car tax by zero percent until December 2020,” […]

New Car Tax Will Be 0%, Car Prices Can Fall Free Tens of Million

Jakarta – Gaikindo and the Ministry of Industry proposed 0% tax relaxation for every new car purchase to the Ministry of Finance. It is not clear what type of tax the government will relax, whether it is PPnBM, BBN, PKB or even all three at once. The discourse on tax relaxation was proposed in order […]

Don’t Buy First, Next Month New Car Tax Can Be 0%

Jakarta – Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo) hopes that the proposed 0% new car tax can be implemented next month. Previously, the proposal for relaxation in the form of cutting Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) had been submitted by the Ministry of Industry to the Ministry of Finance. As stated by the General Chairman of […]